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SPIRITUAL ATHEIST SOREN SORENSEN (aka SPIRITUAL ATHEIST) is an iconoclast, author, and underground songwriter-producer-artist with dark gothic roots and an unmistakably distinct sound. Imagine a selectively integrated blend of Leonard Cohen, Jim Morrison, Genesis P-Orridge, Edward Ka-Spel, Douglas P., David Tibet, Peter Murphy, Wayne Hussey, and Brendan Perry infused with the lyrical consciousness of a true mystic. Soren believes that, to varying degrees, many (if not most) people currently living on Earth are brainwashed, hypnotized, and deeply confused. He believes that, as a result, our world is fatally threatened by both individuals and organizations that act in stupid, cruel, and destructive ways. He also believes that global spiritual enlightenment is part of the solution. Soren's provocative vocal-driven songs about introspection, love, and spiritual revolution are an important contribution to the world symphony; acting as a powerful elixir for the aching souls of dark and beautiful dissenters everywhere. If you are one of the precious few, it's time to grab your favorite headphones and find a private place to get re/acquainted with an old/new friend. For more information, please visit: