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Sarah Wallin Huff holds an MA in Music Composition from Claremont Graduate University, and she is currently a professor of music at Cal Poly Pomona as of August 2018. As a violinist, violist, and 6-string electric violinist, she has extensive experience performing all styles in a variety of groups, recording projects, and solo and ensemble concerts across the USA and eleven European countries. She has enjoyed success as a composer for concert halls and soundtrack work since 1993. Wallin Huff’s compositions have been performed throughout the States and abroad, including the Exeter Phoenix Auditorium in Devon, England. Her compositions range from solo works to chamber ensembles, to orchestral concert pieces. While her sonic output crosses a variety of moods and styles, a common thread linking them all is what she calls “stream-of-consciousness composition,” in which every piece is built upon an enigmatic, underlying framework, from which the work fluidly evolves.