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Harlequin - the Beauty and the Beast Sven Väth 10:00
L'Esperanza Sven Väth, Ralf Hildenbeutel 03:55
Robot Sven Väth 09:16
Sleeping Invention Sven Väth 03:20
L'esperanza Sven Väth 09:54
Electrica Salsa feat. Sven Väth Sven Väth, OFF, Off, Sven Väth 05:48
Feiern Sven Väth 08:08
Mystic Voices Sven Väth 08:19
Dein Schweiss Sven Väth 04:51
We Are Sven Väth 07:29

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Sven Väth – born on October 26, 1964, in Obertshausen, West Germany – is an acclaimed DJ and producer who is known for his groundbreaking work in the techno, acid house, and trance genres. Interested in music as he grew up, he began mixing professionally at the age of 18 at the Dorian Gray club in Frankfurt, Germany. At the time, he was one of the first DJs to mix Chicago house music and Electronic Body Music (EBM) in Europe, a trend that would soon spread throughout Europe. When he was 21, he co-founded the group Off with Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti, both of whom would later produce the group Snap! He initially came to prominence with Off, releasing a series of well-received singles between 1985 and 1989 including "Bad News,” "Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba)," "Step by Step," "Aber jetzt," "Everybody Shake,” and “La Casa Latina.” Inspired by the early sound of acid house and trance, Sven Väth left Off in 1989 and formed Mosaic with Steffen Brtizke and Matthias Hoffman. The trio released several singles and EPs in the early 1990s, but Sven Väth quickly moved on and founded the Eye Q and Harthouse Records labels. He released his debut album, Accident in Paradise, in 1992, which was followed two years later by the album The Harlequin - The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer (1994), which rose to Number 47 on the German Albums chart and landed inside the UK Top 100 at Number 91. While he had started the Omen dance club in 1988, he had to reluctantly close its doors in 1998. However, he founded Cocoon in 1996, which began as a series of parties. He toured the concept, but it wasn’t as successful as expected. He relaunched the concept in 1999 with a new booking agency and Cocoon became a success and spawned a record label in the process. Cocoon Recordings launched the careers of many DJs including Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, and others. Signing with Virgin Records, Svan Väth released the album Fusion (1998), which reached Number 29 on the chart. He moved away from trance and embraced electro with the 2000 album Contact, which climbed to Number 34 on the chart. Further albums include Fire (2002), Catharsis (2022), and What I Used to Play (2023). Alongside his solo releases, he has issued a series of mix albums, including twenty volumes of the In the Mix (The Sound Of…) series.