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Sammo, Presa, ADZII & Miss M. O.T.I.S. Entertainment - (Only The Inside Survives) are a South London independent collective comprising of writers, musicians and performers with a keen interest in UK Hip Hop, Rap, Grime, Jazz and all things musical. OTIS were formed in 2016 by SAMMO, PRESA & ADZII as a vehicle to utilise the abundance of talent and music in and around their beloved South London, Miss M, a classically trained pianist & violinist who plays guitar and has one of the most hypnotic and haunting voices, joined in 2018. OTIS continue to be inspired by the UK Grime scene and the wealth of credible artists using this medium to express themselves, OTIS draw on experiences from the day to day struggle often associated with young people living and working in urban environments. Their aim is to entertain while remaining honest about the real world issues that they and their generation experience on a daily basis. Instagram page: Website: