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Ugly God Bastards is an Italian heavy metal band from Milan, formed in 2017. At first listening it’s rather recognizable the influence of the so called “Bay Area” thrash metal of the 80’s with elements recalling the wider scene of the American Thrash-Death metal of the 90’s mixed with some shades of that hard core/punk scene which developed in New York during those years. UGB actually play a musical genre they like to call “Ugly Metal”, to terrorize all the listeners with sharp sounds, punching rhythms, grave vocals and lyrics written with the aim of annihilating the most solid and unchangeable values on which our society has laid its foundations, but which actually hide a virus which proliferates in their innermost depths. But there’s no sadness in all this, ‘cause UGB invite everyone to to join the mosh pit, headbang, jump, scream... and laugh!