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MAN TAU has been active since 2019 and with 2 albums, 3 singles and the production of the soundtrack to the international awarded short movie “memory sbiadite (faded memories)”, the journey has just begun. Being founder of the genre “Rainbow Rock”, he stands out with his remarkable voice, sound and unique compositions. Still being an insider’s tip amongst music lovers, you can clearly hear the influence of great artists from the 60s and 70s, however without sounding old fashioned. In this case, putting all his heart into his music has an ambiguous meaning:
Being born with a heart that is literally too big, MAN TAU’s past life is filled with numerous life saving surgeries as well as a tough childhood and family constellation.
Instead of surrendering, he bounced back from all the obstacles in life, listened to his heart and made the decision to transform his emotions, feelings and experiences into music. By blending seemingly opposite things like life and death, bliss and pain, happiness and sadness, humour and seriousness together and adding a colourful mix of emotions, feelings, and moods, the genre name “Rainbow Rock” is just a logical consequence