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A religious leader most famous for founding Astronism and leading the revival of astronomical religions, Cometan has been musical since age eleven and has since always reflected Astronist beliefs in his compositions to form the Millettarian tradition of music. Born Brandon Reece Taylor on 1st July 1998, he changed his name to the mononym Cometan when he was about eighteen years of age after being inspired by the mononyms of ancient philosophers like Plato, Confucius, Laozi, Aristotle, and Socrates as well as by some of the most famous musical artists like Adele, Madonna, and Elvis. Growing up in the Northern city of Preston in the English county of Lancashire, Cometan had a deeply religious and deeply musical childhood, most notably influenced by his grandmother, Irene Mary Taylor. A devout Roman Catholic, Irene intended for Cometan to become priest and also encouraged her grandson to play the piano which he began from age eleven. Showing a distinct affinity for classical music, Cometan would dedicated a lot of him in mastering his piano playing and entered into many examinations during his adolescence. Following his childhood years, the influence of his grandmother waned as Cometan began to form his own personality, ideas and beliefs. Stuck between separated parents, Cometan felt he had no distinct identity and although he tried many different hobbies, he never stuck to any of them for long. He felt something was missing from his life, he had few close friends, and didn't seem to be able to relate to the interests of others. However, on the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan's life changed forever when he received inspiration to create his own fictional mystery detective character, whom he named Jesse Millette, along with a philosophy that Jesse would live by. This philosophy was initially referred to as Millettism, but would later be renamed to Astronism as it formed a distinct identity of its own. From this day forward, Cometan's destiny had been sealed, but although his vocation had been brought to him through means of inspiration and revelation, Cometan knew all too well that in order to make his vocation a reality, a long road was ahead of him. Following his initial ideas, Cometan began to receive more and more ideas regarding his fiction writing which lead to his authorship of The Original Jesse Millette Series. However, not long afterwards, the ideas he received started to change their form and became markedly non-fictional and oriented towards philosophy, religion, theology, and astronomy. Cometan began contemplating some of the biggest possible questions and quickly became a prodigy of philosophy and theology in particular. As the frequency of his ideas became more and more intensified, Cometan began experiencing clearer visions of his future identity and it was from this that Astronism and the personage of Cometan emerged. Cometan began writing what would become the founding book of his religion, the Omnidoxy, from the age of fifteen and had dedicated his life to the dissemination of Astronism throughout the world. With Cometan's deep exploration of such creative subjects, he turned his attention back to music, but he felt that examination after examination were not improving his knowledge and abilities in music. At the age of eighteen, his new piano teacher introduced him to composition and Cometan was overwhelmed with excitement as he had found a new medium through which he could express his beliefs and thoughts. From then onwards, Cometan explored and expanded his abilities to compose music and decided that just he had created his own philosophy of Astronism, he could create a new tradition of music in his image that would reflect, through song, the ideas and principles of Astronism. This became known as the Millettarian music tradition and would come to birth sub-tradition as well as reorganise pre-existing traditions such as space music. Cometan biography compiled by All rights reserved. Cometan biography in French: Chef religieux bien connu pour avoir fondé l'astronisme et dirigé le renouveau des religions astronomiques, Cometan est un musicien depuis l'âge de onze ans et reflète depuis toujours les croyances astronistes dans ses compositions afin de former la tradition musicale millettarienne. Né le 1er juillet 1998 à Brandon Reece Taylor, il a changé de nom pour devenir mononyme Cometan à l'âge de dix-huit ans environ, après s'être inspiré des mononymes de philosophes anciens tels que Platon, Confucius, Laozi, Aristote et Socrate, ainsi que des artistes musicaux les plus célèbres comme Adele, Madonna et Elvis. Cometan biography in Spanish: Como líder religioso más famoso por fundar el astronismo y liderar el renacimiento de las religiones astronómicas, Kometan ha sido musical desde los once años y desde siempre ha reflejado las creencias astronistas en sus composiciones para formar la tradición musical millettariana. Nacido Brandon Reece Taylor el 1 de julio de 1998, cambió su nombre al monónimo Kometan cuando tenía unos dieciocho años después de inspirarse en los monónimos de filósofos antiguos como Platón, Confucio, Laozi, Aristóteles y Sócrates, así como por algunos. de los artistas musicales más famosos como Adele, Madonna y Elvis. Cometan biography in German: Kometan ist ein religiöser Führer, der vor allem für die Gründung des Astronismus und die Wiederbelebung der astronomischen Religionen bekannt ist. Er ist seit seinem elften Lebensjahr musikalisch und reflektiert seit jeher den astronistischen Glauben in seinen Kompositionen, um die millettarische Musiktradition zu formen. Der gebürtige Brandon Reece Taylor wurde am 1. Juli 1998 in Kometan umbenannt, als er ungefähr achtzehn Jahre alt war, nachdem er sich von den Mononymen alter Philosophen wie Platon, Konfuzius, Laozi, Aristoteles und Sokrates sowie von einigen inspirieren ließ der bekanntesten Musiker wie Adele, Madonna und Elvis.