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Bleu cobalt LaBotanique 04:04
Le syndrome du banlieusard LaBotanique 03:37
Digitales LaBotanique 03:23
Ma ville a son charme LaBotanique 03:55
Belladonna LaBotanique 02:56
Valériane LaBotanique 03:21
Monstera DX7.2 LaBotanique 03:24
Générique LaBotanique 01:26
L'aventure des plantes LaBotanique 04:00
La boîte à musique LaBotanique 03:17

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First there is the love of plants, LABOTANIQUE is a duo of two agronomists. Then, there is the passion for music especially rap one and synthetisers. There is also a place, Nantes botanical garden, which is kind of a recording studio, an experimental playground. But more than that, there is also this desire to give a voice to the plants. Utopia? No, Plant Music!