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Right Now The Creatures 02:14
Mad Eyed Screamer The Creatures 01:54
Miss The Girl The Creatures 02:35
So Unreal The Creatures 02:15
Wild Thing The Creatures 03:09
Gecko The Creatures 03:50
Inoa'Ole The Creatures 03:49
Weathercade The Creatures 02:48
Ice House The Creatures 02:46
Sky Train The Creatures 03:15

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Mad Eyed Screamer
So Unreal
But Not Them
Wild Thing

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Founded in 1981, the Creatures was a musical side-project formed by Siouxsie & the Banshees’ vocalist Siouxsie Sioux and drummer (and partner/husband) Budgie while the Banshees were preparing to record their JuJu album. Discovering that the two could create a unique sound using vocals and percussion. Naming this new group the Creatures, they released their first EP, Wild Things, in 1981, which reached Number 24 on the UK chart. During another break in the Banshees’ schedule, the duo headed to Hawaii and recorded the exotica / tiki-inspired Feast (1983), which included the single “Miss the Girl. Their next single, a cover of Mel Tormé’s “Right Now,” reached Number 14. The duo returned their attention full-time to Siouxsie & the Banshees and didn’t return to the Creatures project until the release of the 1989 album Boomerang. A world tour followed, with the duo using machines to reproduce the varied sounds on the albums. The Creatures were put on ice again until after Siouxsie & the Banshees announced their break-up in 1996. The Creatures released the compilation A Bestiary Of in 1997 before the release of their Eraser Cut EP in 1998. Their third album, Anima Animus, was released in 1999 and reached Number 79 in the UK Albums chart. The album featured the charting singles "2nd Floor" (Number 93), "Say" (Number 72 ) and “Prettiest Thing” (Number 87). Before the release of their next studio album, the group released two live albums - Zulu (1999) and Sequins in the Sun (2000) - and a compilation of remixes entitled Hybrids (1999). In 2003, the Creatures released their Japanese-influenced fourth album, Hái!, which included the single “Godzilla!” (Number 53). In 2004, Siouxsie Sioux began her solo career, leaving the Creatures’ future in doubt. However, when she promoted the album with live performances, Budgie was drummer and musical arranger of her group. The duo’s final release together was the Dreamshow DVD, which captured Siouxsie live in 2004 performing solo, Banshees, and Creatures material. The couple divorced shortly thereafter, bringing the Creatures’ long career to an end.