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Anime Zing

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Artist's top tracks

Tsuna Awakens (From "Katekyo Hitman Reborn") Geek Music 03:01
What's Up People (From "Death Note") Anime Zing 03:58
Yu-Gi-Oh! Main Theme (From "Yu-Gi-Oh!") Anime Zing 03:27
My Hero (From "Inuyashiki Last Hero") Anime Zing 04:22
Super Survivor (From " Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3") Anime Zing 04:10
Re:Re Theme (From "Erased") Anime Zing 03:46
This Game: The Opening Credits Theme (From "No Game No Life") Anime Zing 04:41
Change The World (From "InuYasha") Anime Zing 04:46
Black Rover Main Theme (From "Black Clover") Geek Music 03:28
Unravel (From "Tokyo Ghoul") Anime Zing 03:55

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