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Who am I?. I am Ernest Lyatto, a young musician based on Tanzania, Dar es salaam. I realized I was passionate about music ever since I was 15 and dove right to the industry with the goal of inspiring the world into love, peace and truth. i was inspired by many artists along the way and even motivational speakers too. I decided I was going to base my music on changing peoples lives because music to me has been more than therapy but a life saver and I want to give back that to the world. My greatest achievements are the goals that I have accomplished already whether they are large or small because they all lead to the dream that I aspire to obtain (fulfilling my purpose). With all this you're probably still wondering who is Leone?. Leone is my character. It's who I am when the music is off or on, so when you hear Leone know that a king is about to bring mental aid through the music.