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My Side of the Bed Susanna Hoffs 03:28
Always Enough Susanna Hoffs 03:38
I See the Rain Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs 03:42
Unconditional Love Susanna Hoffs 03:50
November Sun Susanna Hoffs 02:58
Holding My Breath Susanna Hoffs 03:07
Run to Me Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs 03:06
Eternal Flame Susanna Hoffs 03:16
The Kids Are Alright Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs 02:48
All I Need Susanna Hoffs 02:32

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Susanna Hoffs (born on January 17, 1959 in Los Angeles) rose to prominence in the mid-1980s as the co-founder, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of pop rock group The Bangles. After an eight-year stint as the group’s frontwoman – which saw them release the platinum-selling albums Different Light and Everything and the chart-topping singles “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “Eternal Flame” – The Bangles disbanded in 1989. Hoffs released her debut solo album, When You’re a Boy, in 1991, which peaked at number 83 on the Billboard charts. She was subsequently dropped by her label, Columbia Records, while recording her eponymous, folk-tinged follow-up album, which was instead released via London Records in 1996 and failed to chart. Hoffs found more success in the 1990s as a member of Ming Tea, the faux mod band created by actor Mike Myers which gave rise to his blockbuster portrayal of the character Austin Powers. Adopting the pseudonym of Gillian Shagwell, Hoffs recorded many songs for Powers’ spin-off film franchise, reuniting The Bangles for 1998’s “Get the Girl”. Hoffs has since released several more albums – both alone and with The Bangles – as well as a series of cover albums alongside Ming Tea bandmate Matthew Sweet entitled Under the Covers. In 2020, she teamed up with Travis on the single “The Only Thing”.