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Satellite Dole 05:16
I Say Dole 05:55
Rare Scents Dole 05:12
Third Man Dole 03:38
Maybe Tomorrow Dole 04:12
The Wreckaway Dole 06:00
Rumroad Dole 04:48
A Day Dole 04:30
Fight Back Dole, KOM, Kollmorgen 06:31
The Dream Dole 03:51

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After so many years, DOLE is still alive and kicking today! DOLE had a first period of activity between 1979 and 1987. ​ It was the time of post punk new wave, an exciting musical scene wich was as varied as international. DOLE is proud to be among the few survivors from this exciting musical period. ​ Based in Athus, a small town on the border of Belgium, France and Luxembourg, DOLE gained media and public success in Europe, playing concerts in Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Switzerland and even Morocco. The first band (with Aroma di Amore) signed by PIAS, DOLE issued the 4 track 12" record SMALL TOWN in 1984. This first recording was followed in 1985 by two 7" and 12" singles : HAIRCUT, produced by Luc VAN ACKER, and RUMROAD, produced by Adrian BORLAND (leader of THE SOUND). ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ In 1986, DOLE's first and only album THE SPEED OF HOPE (incl . the single SLUMBERLAND) was issued by PIAS in Belgium, Polydor in France and Nettwerk in Canada. After some time, the band split up, ending a promising career at the gates of glory. ​ In 2008, a new line-up recorded WHEN MONEY REIGNS and TEN at Rockhal Studios (Luxembourg), witch were issued as a demo CD single. ​ DOLE played a few concerts until 2010, when Michel BIVER and Remy WILLIEME started a new project under the name RED SOFA. The duo recorded a self titled album at ICP Studio in Brussels with guests as M83 drummer Loïc MAURIN and studio bass player Mathieu DENIS. You can download this album on this website. RED SOFA issued a 5-track promo CD from the album, and shot a video for the title UNDER MY HANDS with video director Jérémie BIDET. Despite the amount of energy, creativity, time and money spent into RED SOFA, this duo didn't encounter public success. ​ In 2016, what had started as a one off band under the name WINTER IS COMING ended up with the third DOLE period. ​ ​As such, A NEW LINE-UP IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE and playing outstanding concerts in festivals and original venues or places, such as the ruined castle of Montquintin, the 2018 W Festival, the 2019 Goose Fest ... ​ The current members of DOLE are Jon BAILLY, bass, Michel BIVER, guitars, Franck WAGNER, drums and synths, Gilles PEMMERS, guitars and synths, Remy WILLIEME, vocals, sax, guitars and synths. DOLE records are still much sought after by new wave fans and record collectors from around the world. ​ DOLE has shared the stage with: A;GRUMH, ALLEZ ALLEZ, ARNO, AROMA DI AMORE, BERRURIER NOIR, BLAINE REININGER, BOLLOCK BROTHERS, BOXCARS, ETIENNE DAHO, GANGSTERS D'AMOUR, KLANG, LA MUERTE, MINIMAL COMPACT, NACHT UND NEBEL, NEON JUDGEMENT, NOIR DESIR, RED GUITARS, RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY, SCABS, SNOWY RED, THE CHAMELEONS, THE FEELIES, THE MISSION, THE SOUND, XYMOX ...