We want your music!

Add your tracks to the Deezer catalogue via our digital distribution partners, and be heard by audiences around the world.

1) I’m an unsigned artist

You don't need to be signed to a label to get your music on Deezer, you can distribute your catalogue using a third-party distributor. These companies handle the licensing, distribution, and administration of your music.

Here are our recommended partners:

2) I already have a label but my music is not on Deezer

Your label probably has a deal with a distributor who already works with Deezer. Ask them to deliver your music to us.

We work with hundreds of partners, including:

3) My label doesn’t have a deal with a distributor

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Deezer4Artists helps to grow and maintain engagement between artists and fans, with the following tools:

  • Artist pages

    Customise your Artist Page, update your status, or upload a playlist.

  • Deezer Uploader

    Push audio content to your fans, from track previews to exclusive mixes.

  • Deezer Analytics

    Instantly see the impact of your activities with detailed analytics.

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