Happy Hour

Cheers to social distancing, we've got the best mix of tracks!

Playlist Tracks

Back On 74 Jungle 03:29
Danza Marilù (feat. Fabiana Martone) L'Impératrice, Fabiana Martone 04:04
Mixer Amber Mark 03:12
Cold Touch Later. 03:48
Sweet Dreams Señor Coconut, Argenis Brito 05:01
wait outside


Pastel, NAVENI, Nic Hanson 02:31
Skin on Skin Franc Moody 03:03
Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos 03:50
Ride With You Poolside, Ben Browning 04:14
Body Heat Dabeull, Holybrune 03:21
Young Hearts Benny Sings 02:39
Suonno Capinera 04:21
Princess Crystal Murray 03:11
Free Otis Kane 02:46
Signs Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson, Justin Timberlake 03:56
Fantasia (feat. Alex Rossi & Jo Wedin) Yuksek, Alex Rossi, Jo Wedin 03:40
In My Head Victor Marc 03:13
Mopedbart Hubbabubbaklubb 05:12
skate depot


Channel Tres 03:06
I Want To Know (Pt. 2) Adriano Celentano 05:22
Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco) Myd, Mac DeMarco 02:47
One Day at a Time PREP 03:12
Can You Handle It Sharon Redd 06:26
I Don't Munan 03:10
Something Between Us Polycool 02:13


Noga Erez, Reo Cragun, Rousso 02:45
Bielzinho / Bielzinho (Xinobi Remix) O Terno 02:59
Strangers Roosevelt 03:40
Music of Life (Edit) Cerrone 04:46
One and Only Gabriels 03:11