Sunday Lounge

Turn your week into one big zen party or start your morning in peace with these easy chill songs. A mix of Indietronica, Indie Pop and R&B.

Playlist Tracks

Smokey Sugar Laze On, Tranquilion 03:24
Golden Claptone, Two Another 02:55
Say Yes TOKiMONSTA, VanJess 03:53
You & I Dabeull, Holybrune 03:28
Angkor Nall, Lawrence 03:59
Opening Night NZCA LINES 03:28
FAIY Emawk, Zach Ezzy 03:21
Music Sounds Better with You NEIL FRANCES 03:18
Crossing Paths Kartell, SG Lewis 04:04
Voodoo? (Lazywax Remix) L'Impératrice 06:26
Spark It Up Leisure 04:31
Cloud 98 3/4 (Radio Edit) Dobie, Nine 03:29
Come Over Kowloon 04:10
Vulf's Back Pocket Regroove Moods 03:01
GO (Detroit Swindle Remix)


Hablot Brown, Detroit Swindle 04:39
Into the Glow Monolink 04:02
Prisms Zeb Wayne, Ziwi 03:54
Why Won't You Wait Tora 02:32
Wild Skies Eli & Fur 03:24
Falling for You NEIL FRANCES 03:10
Strangers Roosevelt 03:40
All In Kartell, Che Lingo 04:00
Ordinary love Elle Hollis 02:28
Reasons David Blazer 03:42
In The Dark Guille Alvarez 03:00
9 Adeline 04:31
Dangerous (Cleopold Remix) Nick Murphy 04:44
Heart of Gold Pt. I TĂ‚CHES, Jackson Englund, Lye.ll 03:46
Keep Moving Jungle 04:00
Rollercoaster Full Crate, GANGS OF KIN, Elique 03:38