Lofi hip hop radio 🐾 by Chillhop Music

Chillhop beats with that worn, dusty lofi sound... We hope you enjoy these chill lofi hip hop tunes while studying / chilling / working. ♥

Playlist Tracks

Dreams & Reality Bao, Venuz Beats, Broken Transient 02:31
Panda Philanthrope 02:29
In Spirit Venuz Beats, Styles Davis 02:49
I-285 Kreatev 02:33
Linha de Passe Bao, Venuz Beats, Styles Davis 02:10
Forward Movement The Doppelgangaz 01:57
Last Hand Bao, Venuz Beats 02:26
Roam Leavv 01:41
Back Track The Doppelgangaz 02:07
Jade Bao, Venuz Beats, Justin Wyatt 01:12
Speedin’ Kreatev 02:36
Roadtrips Arbour 02:52
Hindsight Philanthrope, Vulax 01:58
No Hassle Leavv 01:19
Things Fall Apart Pt.2 Philanthrope 01:53
Vers le Ciel Bao, Venuz Beats, Mauricesax 03:13
S2000 Kreatev 02:14
River’s Bass Vhsceral 02:12
Interlude Ride Kreatev 01:14
Serenade Philanthrope 02:27
Acura Coupe Kreatev 01:19
It All Connect The Doppelgangaz 02:10
Another Day J.Folk 02:33
Clapper’s Delight The Doppelgangaz 02:31
Bloom Leavv, Midan 02:10
Knocked The Doppelgangaz 02:05
Twin Turbo Kreatev 01:43
Setbacks Leavv 01:57
Fall Out The Doppelgangaz 01:50
Night Moves Kreatev 02:30