Sounds Australia At Reeperbahn 2018

Hallo! If you want to hear the Australians playing at Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany in September then this is the playlist for you.

  • by Sounds Australia
  • 18 tracks
  • 1 h 10 min

Playlist Tracks

Confidence Ocean Alley 04:13
Cup Of Destiny Amyl and The Sniffers 02:12
Supermoon Babe Rainbow 04:34
Laps Around The Sun


Ziggy Alberts 03:26
Society (Single Version) Ainslie Wills 03:54
Tieduprightnow Parcels 04:09
Love Lights Sunset Sons 03:37
Cornflake Psychedelic Porn Crumpets 03:37
Future Heroine Ecca Vandal 03:39
Say You Don't Matt Gresham 03:59
Ran Away Hollow Coves 04:15
Keeping Time Angie McMahon 03:31
Saltwater Geowulf 04:07
Roller Coaster Tempesst 04:08
Oh Raven Mijo Biscan 03:55
Feeling You Harrison Storm 03:21
Unlikely Impossible Dandelion Wine 05:49
4th of July The Balls 04:02