Music to Navigate A Life

A collection of songs that reflect the personal and private moments of a life; your life, my life, anyone’s life. Submit your track here:

  • by Musicto
  • 22 tracks
  • 1 h 25 min

Playlist Tracks

Long Gone The Firelight Opera 04:24
Dear God Siobhan Wilson 05:07
The Sweetest Dream Doug Alldred & the Silver Lining 04:14
Hold Me Teddy Beats, Mon Rovîa 03:39
Everything Is Alright Neil and Adam 03:46
Enjoy It While It Lasts Easy Wanderlings 03:00
Daughter Ryan Cassata 03:00
I Don't Mind


Aaron Ward 03:01
Sheffield Karkosa 06:05
Miss Maggie May The Garage Flowers 03:02
Miss Maggie May (Acoustic) The Garage Flowers 03:15
Scared of Being Alone Rose Fall 03:30
Alice Is in Love With the Mad Hatter Luna Keller 03:20
Colorado Allison Leah 04:19
Sorry I Ever Fucked You


Gabrielle Marlena 04:12
Surprised (Acoustic) Robert Maitland 04:00
I Am Not Afraid of the Dark Claudia Matthews 03:33
Light Shadow Surface 04:02
Money Illicit Ghost 02:49
All My Friends Are Ice Queens (feat. Winterbitch & Omar K. Mills) Fans of Jimmy Century, Winterbitch, Omar K. Mills 03:52
Who Needs You (Special Edition) Loren Nine 03:17
Anna Antje Duvekot 05:58