Sounds Australia At Classical:NEXT 2019

Discover the sounds of Australian classical and art music with this playlist curated by acclaimed pianist and composer Belle Chen.

  • by Sounds Australia
  • 25 tracks
  • 1 h 49 min

Playlist Tracks

Corrugation Ensemble Offspring 03:33
Driving Zephyr Quartet 02:39
Forest Matt Withers 06:21
Joyous Rain Shubha Mudgal, Sandy Evans, Sirens Big Band, Aneesh Pradhan 05:25
Her Nest (Arr. For Recorder) Genevieve Lacey 02:42
Goldfish Through Summer Rain (Arr. For Harp) Riley Lee, Marshall McGuire 04:15
Unmapped Belle Chen 04:20
Inlines Rafael Karlen 01:46
Haiku Number 2 Peter Knight, Colin Hopkins, Stephen Magnusson, Frank Di Sario 01:53
The 6th Variation Don Burrows, James Morrison 08:00
Light Noodling ZephyrROM, Zephyr Quartet, VoiceROM 01:00
Direct Couriers Robin Fox 04:09
Pale Blue Evenings (Arr. For Recorder) Genevieve Lacey 02:57
Pareidolia Tilman Robinson 05:54
Across A Field As Vast As One Sam Anning, Mat Jodrell, Andrea Keller 07:36
Landscape Matt Withers, Acacia Quartet 10:37
No. 2. Premonitions Svenska Kammarorkestern 01:52
Plover Bird Kamil Ellis, Ensemble Offspring 03:14
Pagi (Morning) Belle Chen 04:09
Changing Faces Australian Art Orchestra 04:27
Black Dogs : 1. Più mosso Slava Grigoryan, Australian String Quartet 05:35
Sonata For Strings No.3 : 1. Deciso Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti 05:08
48 Fugues for Frank: No. 6, G-Spot Tornado Michael Kieran Harvey 03:46
Jelly Belly Mace Francis Orchestra 06:25
Peañuts ZephyrROM, Zephyr Quartet, VoiceROM 02:16