Sleep lofi 💤

A daily selection of the smoothest lofi hip hop beats, perfect to help you chill or fall asleep 💤Click here if you need synthwave to sleep 💤

Playlist Tracks

Cosy Bed Nadav Cohen, Pierson Booth 03:12
cassette loneliness Inertia. 01:57
Trailing Stars Pierson Booth, Late Night Tones, Twindex 02:13
Desire Late Night Tones, Abricot 02:35
a new place Laffey 02:35
Cold Kudo 02:15
World Within Hoogway 02:45
Riverside Reflections Juliàn 02:34
lifelines Inertia. 02:24
Moonrise Dontcry, Cxlt. 02:02
By The River Juliàn 02:20
Monolith Hoogway 03:08
Moonlit Walk Purrple Cat 03:30
Lilac Kainbeats 02:07
Floating Island Dimension 32 02:57
be Tomcbumpz 01:57
Endless Project AER 01:26
Collide Project AER, Hoogway 02:42
Whispers of Tennessee Late Night Tones 02:39
Pillows Towerz, Spencer Hunt 02:46
aria Tibeauthetraveler, After noon 02:51
Where Time Unwinds Late Night Tones, Twindex 02:25
Under The Stars Laffey 02:24
better days Steezy Prime, Devon Rea, Fnonose 02:00
Afterthought Slowburn 02:13
in the air Steezy Prime 02:19
faded Inertia. 02:23
Silent Moonlight Allem Iversom, Dontcry 02:17
Whispers of Wisdom Pierson Booth, Steezy Prime, Lenny Loops 02:20