Daydreaming | FILTR

Lean back, close your eyes and unwind by listening to the soft tunes BGM mix for relaxing times.✨

Playlist Tracks

Moon River Au/Ra 03:00
Courage Meimuna 03:53
Some Say Nea 02:55
the long way home


Powfu, Sara Kays, Sarcastic Sounds 03:09
The Fight (Orchestral Version) Silly Boy Blue 04:00
Lights Up Harry Styles 02:52
Alaska (Acoustic Version) Mogli 04:28
go (Lower & Slower)


Cat Burns 03:44
Settle Down Beau Diako, Rad Museum 03:47
O Oe To Oe Rima Julien Doré 02:07
Pictures of Flowers Jess Williamson, Hand Habits 04:20
Tutu Camilo, Pedro Capó 02:58
Beyond Leon Bridges 04:00
Daughters John Mayer 03:57
Wie weit Lina Maly 03:02
Schwerelos STANOVSKY 03:03
Hollowing All The Luck In The World 03:31
Torn (Acoustic) Quarry 03:28
Build Me A Bridge


Eli 02:42
Hell 21 Prudence 03:19
Solo FIL BO RIVA 03:26
Patterns All The Luck In The World 03:43
Tattoos Jack Botts 03:35
Love on the Weekend John Mayer 03:32
Musing Under Moonlight Brombaer 03:35
Nobody Game Luca Wilding 03:39
erase me Aya Yves 02:46
Time After Time Luke Sital-Singh 04:03
Swim Tim McMillan, Rachel Snow 03:26
Don't Know Why Ghostly Kisses 03:09