Study Café: Lo-Fi Chillhop

Grab your favorite coffee and get in the zone to relax, focus, and study with these Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats. Curated by

  • by Lullify Music Group
  • 277 tracks
  • 10 h 21 min

Playlist Tracks

Snowfall Snoood 02:26
Midnight in Paris Lofi Room Garden 01:46
Drifting Philosophe 02:33
Escape With Me Elijah Lee, Aimless 02:27
Coffee Beans Lazer Dice 02:53
Golden Hour (feat. Josh Mergler) Tieran, Josh Mergler 02:35
Holographic Kuchi, Dog Tapes 01:58
Groundhog Day Civin 01:55
Happy Endings (feat. Sky.High) Through & through 02:34
balcony Kyoshi 02:16
Take My Hand Iamalex 02:26
Tale of Shadows Moian 02:24
Good Vibes That's Cool 01:52
You Were Good to Me Lofi Boss 02:03
Purple Sunset V i v, Spective, Tsunami Sounds 02:57
Cabeça. So.Lo, Pelícano 02:35
A New Day L'eupe 02:48
Paradaisu Ghostnaut, Soul Food Horns 02:21
honey Civin 01:57
Unforgettable Lysfest 02:18
pico Civin 02:25
Rest Fnonose 02:44
Distingué Traces Jared Forth 01:54
Groundhog Day Civin 01:55
Will The Roses Grow Wild Over Me Kuchi 02:57
Fall Lofi lemur 01:41
Vial Arthrn 02:49
Atonia Claptu, Beatmund Noise 02:02
Higher Meraki99, Karma Kush 02:40
Fireflies Ozymandias' Dream 01:22