Summer Swing

The thermometer is rising and the calendar is pointing to summer, so it's time for our Summer Swing Playlist. We browsed deep into the Electro Swing box and selected the best summer tunes for you. From Swing House to Neo Swing, to Swing Hop and Mambo

  • by electroswing
  • 143 tracks
  • 7 h 33 min

Playlist Tracks

Parla più piano / In cerca di te (Electro Swing Mix) Glenn Gatsby, Free Shots 02:48
Sway (Neo Swing Mix) Masha Ray 02:47
Umbrella Balduin 02:36
Ringading 11 Acorn Lane 02:16
Bad Boy Good Man (Rmx 2023) Tape Five 03:29
Bei Mir Bistu Shein (Electro Swing Mix) Masha Ray 03:31
Small Town DJ Mibor 03:20
Too Damn Hot (Phos Toni Remix - Radio Edit) Alice Francis, Phos Toni 02:58
Gloomy Sunday (Jamie Berry Remix) Matt Forbes, Jamie Berry 03:10
Circus DJ Weide, Bonny Bee 03:18
Little Light Minimatic 04:52
Bella ciao Betty Booom 02:59
See You Later Elle & The Pocket Belles 02:46
Swing Delusion Szigeti Juli, Atom Smith 03:32
Long Train Runnin' Lil Mishka Band, Szigeti Juli 03:36
Let The Music Play Tom ESC, Josh Wunderlich 03:14
Hybrid Swingrowers 03:02
Morning Light Pisk, Jamie Berry, Octavia Rose 03:01
Don't Drink & Jive Glenn Gatsby, Wolfgang Löhr 02:31
The Lost Rag C@ in the H@, Arthur Migliazza 03:18
Dance Szigeti Juli 02:35
The Beat Goes On (Neo Swing Mix) Betty Booom, Retronic 02:54
Dancing Queen (Wolfgang Lohr Remix) The Puppini Sisters, Wolfgang Löhr 03:29
Rumble Disco Machine Yabloko Moloko 04:18
Light Szigeti Juli 03:08
Good Morning, Sunshine The Fritz 02:31
Summer Swing Glenn Gatsby 02:38
The Hepcats Pyjamas Tape Five 03:28
Detective Bitzer (Swing Hop Mix) Amaria, Grisby 02:28
Different (Glenn Gatsby Remix) Marina & the Kats, Glenn Gatsby 02:24