80's Hip-Hop

Playlist Tracks

Subway Theme (Instrumental) Wild Style 01:13
Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) Jimmy Spicer 07:20
That's the Joint Funky 4+1 09:22
Hot Hot Summer Day The Sugarhill Gang 07:09
Ah, That's the Joint Kool DJ A.J 07:07
One Time Two Time Blow Your Mind MC Rock Lovely 04:40
The Escapades of Futura 2000 (The Escapades Dub) Futura 2000 04:06
Stoop Rap (LP Version South Bronx Mix) Double Trouble 03:16
Down By Law Fab 5 Freddy 01:09
Willie Rap Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew 06:00
Cuckoo Clocking Fab 5 Freddy 01:13
Funk You Up The Sequence 06:45
Rhymin' & Rappin' Paulette Winley, Tanya Winley 05:29
Spoonie Is Back Spoonie Gee 06:31
Beat Bop (Edit)


Rammellzee, K-Rob 06:10
Lesson 1 (Double Dee & Steinski) Double Dee 05:23
One-Two-Five (Main Street Harlem U.S.A.) Kurtis Blow 05:12
New York, New York (Extended Mix) Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, The Furious Five 07:20
Five Minutes of Funk Whodini 05:23
Turning You On The Treacherous 3 06:06
Twin City Rapp (A True Story) Twin City Rappers 04:35
Al-Naafyish (Time) Hashim 05:32
Boogie Down Bronx Man Parrish 05:18
Jam On It Newcleus 06:23
Smurf Across The Surf The Micronawts 06:24
Looking for the Perfect Beat (Original 12" Version) Afrika Bambaataa, The Soulsonic Force 07:02
Pack Jam (Remastered 12" Remix) Jonzun Crew 05:14
Surgery (Remix) World Class Wreckin Cru 05:12
Blame It on the Muzick J.J. Fad 03:47
Professor X (Saga) Arabian Prince 04:26