New European Sounds – 2023's to watch

To help you start 2023 on the right note, the Liveurope programmers put together this playlist featuring the up-and-coming artists from around the continent that you should be watching out for in the next months.

  • by Liveurope
  • 27 tracks
  • 1 h 49 min

Playlist Tracks

De Mí (Rumba) Rocío Márquez, BRONQUIO, 41V1L 03:54
Godzilla Lovi Did This 05:05


Rusowsky, Tristan! 03:08
206 Tukan 05:56
Svitanje Iva Lorens 02:56
Dogbreath Banji 03:57
Awal Al-Qasar, Lee Ranaldo 06:24
Azul Celeste Expresso Transatlântico 04:03
Traffic Bnnyhunna, Yasper 03:56
We Are on the Run Hands Down 03:35
Could You Love Me Anna Bassy 04:55
Nem Mal Me Queres Ana Lua Caiano 03:18
Back On You ZÓRA 03:47
Phil 52 Hertz Whale 04:49
Umoran Laplander 03:35


Sahareya 04:15
Dansu Aili, Transistorcake 03:37
I.P. Pavlova Chalupski 05:14
Hey Ye Ye Yeah Bear Garden 02:41
CU2NITE Méta Monde 02:55
Głębiny Magda Kluz 03:58
Heliocentryzm Noże 03:54
Budimpešta Skotni Vrag 04:58
Gledam nebo Sijenke 03:48
Can't See You Roller Derby 03:44
High Wave Woodstock Barbie 03:47
Upside Down


Maz Univerze 03:22