Riot Grrrl Essentials

Girls to the front! Let's channel the riot grrrl spirit.

Playlist Tracks

Rebel Girl Bikini Kill 02:37
Dig Me Out Sleater-Kinney 02:40
Standing In the Way of Control Gossip 04:16
Terrorist Heavens To Betsy 01:57
Cool Schmool Bratmobile 02:03
Pretend We're Dead L7 03:55
This Is Love PJ Harvey 03:47
Be Yr Mama Sleater-Kinney 02:52
Make America Great Again Pussy Riot 03:15
Hot Topic Le Tigre 03:43
Decoration/Currency Girl Friday 03:48
Sweet '69 Babes In Toyland 04:04
Cannonball The Breeders 03:33
Double Dare Ya Bikini Kill 02:31
Husbands Savages 03:03
Bait & Switch Emily's Sassy Lime 02:28
I'd Rather Eat Glass Excuse 17 02:56
Herjazz Huggy Bear 02:55
Hey Heartbreaker Dream Wife 03:20
Volcano Girls Veruca Salt 03:18
Drown With The Monster White Lung 02:04
Landmark Lucid Nation 03:31
Yuk Foo


Wolf Alice 02:13


Be Your Own Pet 03:00
Celebrity Skin Hole 02:42
Where the Girls Are Gossip 01:44


The Regrettes 03:28
axemen Heavens To Betsy 04:19
The Scratch 7 Year Bitch 01:59
Driver Perfect Pussy 02:16

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