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Stay relaxed with these golden era boom bap beats & instrumentals. For fans of: Pete Rock, J Dilla, Damu The Fudgemunk, Freddie Joachim, DJ Premier, Tall Black Guy, Stro Elliot, Phoniks, 14KT, Thes One, Poldoore, Nujabes, Funky DL.

  • by Sphere of Hip-Hop
  • 124 tracks
  • 5 h 38 min

Playlist Tracks

Water & Sand Freddie Joachim 04:08
International Spy Club Evening Stroll, Sphere of Hip-Hop 01:48
Monday's Generation Stro Elliot 03:14
Something From Nothing (Instrumental) Awon, Imperial, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. 02:49
Theme 9 Phil Tyler, Peter Thomas Sound Orchester, Golden Ticket Tapes 03:11
Cradle of Love Yjkl, Sphere of Hip-Hop 01:51
Lifted KOE The Flavekid & Golden Ticket Tapes, KOE The Flavekid, Golden Ticket Tapes 02:30
Tu Tango Sleeping with shoes on, Sphere of Hip-Hop 02:37
Two Mile Walk Terror Firma 01:08
Heat Frequency Yjkl, Sleepy Teddy Chillez, Sphere of Hip-Hop 01:40
Speak Peace To Fear Terror Firma 01:20
Flowers (Remix Instrumental) NewSelph 02:59
Jazz Dust The Deli 01:51
Runnin (Instrumental) DIE-REK 04:38
Weekend Afternoons The smooth kid, Sphere of Hip-Hop 01:44
The Arrival (Instrumental) Terror Firma, Sivion 01:40
Stepped David Cutter Music 01:53
Free & Forgiven Terror Firma 02:30
Chilly Nights Terror Firma 01:33
Year of Redemption (Instrumental) DIE-REK 03:46
Somewhere Terem 04:02
Murky Terror Firma, Sivion 01:13
Wheel Back, Come Again (Instrumental) DIE-REK 03:26
Late Night Sojourn 01:28
I Don't Give David Cutter Music 01:36
The Best (Remix Instrumental) NewSelph 03:16
disintegrating in your soul ARMS AND SLEEPERS 02:50
Acknowledgement Terror Firma 01:41
Diddy Dum Diddy Doo (Instrumental) DIE-REK 03:31
The Real Deal Hydrogenii, Golden Ticket Tapes 03:04