Xbox 20th

Celebrate 20 years of gaming with the best soundtracks that made Xbox's history.

Playlist Tracks

Constellations (Forza Horizon 3 VIP) Fred V & Grafix 04:37
Born Unto Trouble Bill Elm, Woody Jackson 03:12
Halo Halo, Martin O'donnell, Michael Salvatori 04:22
Minecraft C418 04:14
Floral Fury Kristofer Maddigan 03:45
The Concept of Love Hideki Naganuma 03:42
Shenmue - Sedge Tree - SEGA 03:59
The Warmind Paul McCartney, Michael Salvatori, Martin O'Donnell, C Paul Johnson 02:09
Nerevar Rising (From "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind") (Cover Version) L'Orchestra Cinematique 01:58
Anu Orta Veniya SEGA 05:28
Kait's Theme Ramin Djawadi 04:23
The Battle for Freedom Jesper Kyd 04:07
Forza Motorsport Kaveh Cohen, Michael Nielsen 03:16
Title And End Credits Peter McConnell 04:37
The Last Spartan Halo, Martin O'donnell, Michael Salvatori 02:18
Gears of War Kevin Riepl 04:29
Mass Effect Theme Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, EA Games Soundtrack 02:20
Dragonborn Jeremy Soule 03:55
Extraction Point Hans Zimmer 03:35
Ezio's Family Jesper Kyd, Assassin's Creed 03:57
Dragon Age 2 Main Theme Inon Zur 02:04
Fez: Adventure : Fez: Adventure Andrew Skeet, London Philharmonic Orchestra 03:28
Ori, Lost In the Storm (feat. Aeralie Brighton) Gareth Coker, Aeralie Brighton 01:08
A Writer's Dream Petri Alanko 01:55
Maiden Voyage (Original Game Soundtrack) Sea of Thieves 02:38
(Theme From) Red Dead Redemption Bill Elm, Woody Jackson 05:38
One Final Effort Halo, Martin O'donnell, Michael Salvatori 03:08
Suicide Mission Jack Wall 04:45
Still Alive Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories 02:57
Splinter Cell: Conviction : Splinter Cell: Conviction Andrew Skeet, London Philharmonic Orchestra 02:49