Lofi Girl - Best of lofi hip hop 2021 ✨

This playlist contains a track cherry-picked from every release on the channel this year, taking you on a journey through this year’s biggest moments ✨

Playlist Tracks

morning moon Kanisan, Wishes and Dreams 02:16
Lavender Kupla 02:34
Destination Unknown Amies 02:52
Overgrown Tenno 02:17
Sinking Fatigue Raimu 03:18
Magical Connection Peak Twilight, Prithvi 02:34
Mramor Chau Sara 02:18
Blooming Dales Krynoze, Diiolme 02:46
Exhale NO SPIRIT 02:50
Stargazing Kyu 02:13
Breathtaking Purrple Cat 03:12
takeoff Stream_error 02:10
Daydream Kyu 02:48
Passing By Casiio, Sleepermane 02:03
Blank Canvas BluntOne, Baen Mow, Phlocalyst 03:04
Desert Night L'Outlander 02:36
The Descent Blue Wednesday 03:33
Spanish Castle WYS, Sweet Medicine 02:40
Dusk S N U G, Mondo Loops 02:36
Noctilucent Ambulo, Squeeda 02:55
companion Hi jude, Towerz 02:18
We Met In the Forest Raimu 03:21
Planet Buddies Team Astro, Cocabona 02:28
Sincere Tom Doolie, Dao 02:03
Adanel DaniSogen 02:40
convo S N U G 02:17
Heart of the Sea Charlee Nguyen, Mondo Loops 02:22
Morning Brew Hevi, Paper Ocean 02:19
Within Enluv 03:09
Places Enra, Dr. niar 02:49