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Life is a lesson in love. Love is your greatest power and with it you can change your life and the world. Todd Huston talks to you and with his special guests about the science, psychology, philosophy and art of love so you can overcome your challenges and reach your highest goals.


Michael French: Dream Interpreter and Prophecy Teacher
Conversation on Love Leaders Podcast with Pastor and dream/prohecy teacher Michael French about Dana Coverstone prophecy about COVID-19, riots, Russians and Chinese, Protests, Burning of Cities, etc.
72:13 14/07/2020
Todd & Julie talk about sex during a Pandemic
Todd and Julie talk about the facts of whats happening to couple's sex life during the Covid pandemic while sharing some of their own intimate details.
25:52 06/05/2020
Camille and Haley - Sister Songwriting and Singing Duo
Sisters Camille & Haley are a singer/songwriter duo . They come from a musical family of 10 and got their start as teenagers leading worship in their dad’s church. They rose to unexpected national attention when they posted a music video of their original song “Game On” in support of a presidential candidate and the video conjured over 1 million views in two weeks. The story was covered by almost every popular news channel.The duo narrated a film to bring awareness to sex trafficking in America which featured their original song “Slavery” on YouTube. Camille & Haley write songs for causes, people and organizations they believe in and aim to use their lives and music to make a positive and godly impact on the world.
84:54 04/05/2020
Naresh Kumar - Adventurer and Extreme Athlete
Naresh was born into a lower caste system in India and has risen to become internationally known for his extreme athleticism (2000 mile bicycle races, 300 plus mile foot races) and his commitment to teaching and showing love around the world.
73:40 02/05/2020
Todd Creager - Sex Therapist - Making the World Safe for Love
Todd Creager, author, family and sex therapist and USC Guest Lecturer Todd will be discussing his book LONG AND HOT MARRIAGE , how to go from fear to love, dealing with toxic people and relation , how feel with negative feelings you may now be having, what is your possible silver lining after this is all over, and lots more.
61:31 01/05/2020
Naresh Kumar
Extreme adventure and endurance athlete with the motto "Live-small Adventure-lots.  he believes in  long distance, human powered journeys fueled by kindness & peanut butter.
73:40 30/04/2020
Lindsey Marie Barber - Meditation & Leadership
How are future leaders preparing to lead the world in love? We will be discussing how to bring LOVE, POWER and RESPONSIBILITY in your life.Lindsey Marie Barber has vast knowledge and experience with meditation, from studying under a Himalayan Kriya Master to her involvement in the fields of human development and leadership.Lindsey Marie lives her dream life in Venice, California where there is plenty of love, plenty of money, and plenty of time for dancing, hiking, traveling the world, and connecting with loved ones.
71:16 29/04/2020
Gary Richardson - Attorney & Author of Fear is Never Your Friend
DO YOU FEEL FEAR? How do you overcome your fear and keep it from stopping you? Tomorrow on Love Leaders Podcast, Todd Huston will be interviewing top legal eagle Gary Richardson about his book, Fear is Never Your Friend. We will be discussing how fear can get in the way of your achieving happiness and success.
69:00 28/04/2020
Karen Garvey - Transformational Life Coach
Karen Garvey -Life Coach. Wanting to get happy fast and permanently? Today on Love Leaders Podcast we discuss how you can find happiness with anyone and anywhere, even when there are great changes happening around you.After obtaining her MBA, she acquired extensive business and writing experience, authoring/co-authoring many articles and books. She presently addresses audiences and appears in the media about reaching success, offering practical guidance for discovering one's path to fulfillment.
64:33 27/04/2020
Vern Tejas - World Class and Mountaineer Guide
Vern is most experienced Seven Summits mountain guide in the world, He talks about some of his most difficult times in the mountains and how he mentally and physically overcame then and achieved is goal.
67:39 25/04/2020
Dr. Mark Borg Author of Don't Be a D*CK
Mark Borg, Ph.D., a Manhatten psychologist, discusses why some people behave the ultimate jerks, how you can recognize them and what you can do to help yourself and them. 
66:50 23/04/2020
Hannah Jordan - Teen elite cyclist rides with feeding tube.
Hannah is a competitive teen cyclist who is competing and winning against adult cyclist. She has a feeding pump and tube that runs a metabolic formula directly into her stomach. Her backpack holds all her special equipment. She definitely lives life to the extreme and doesn't let anything stop her!
74:41 22/04/2020
Emeka Nnaka - Pro athlete becomes quadriplegic
Emeka Nnaka was a semi-professional football player when a tackle went wrong and paralyzed him. His inspiring story of his dealing with physical injuries and emotional setbacks that forced them to make changes has been featured on Ellen. 
93:30 22/04/2020
Hedin (Dean) Daupenspeck - Modern Day Mystic, author and speaker.
Hedin Daubenspeck, mystic, shaman, philosopher and author discusses the spiritual path, psychic powers, dark entities, and the road to enlightenment. 
67:14 20/04/2020
Andy Gibbs - Business Opportunities during the Pandemic
Todd Huston interviews Andy Gibbs, serial entrepreneur and business adviser,  on identifying business opportunities during the pandemic, where to find them and best practices for growing your business now and having it prosper after the pandemic. 
74:43 20/04/2020
Tyson D. Thompson - Dream Another Dream
Tyson Thompson, author and entrepreneur,  tells how to get out of your current dream and live a better dream for your life. He discusses the power of forgiveness and the healing power of love. He was raised in a very emotionally and physically abusive environment only to rise above it all and be a successful businessman and family man. He uses his personal conversations with 100,000 people to help others create a better dream for themselves. 
51:09 06/04/2020