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Dedicated to helping athletes at all levels unlock their ultimate performance by improving mental toughness, sharp decision making, and mind/body recovery. The Rewire team interviews leading scientists, coaches, athletes, and experts in the fields of neuroscience, sports science, psychology, strength and conditioning, wellness and beyond. Join our community of athletes on Strava, social, and via our weekly newsletter to find out more about brain training for athletes.


How to Master Your Circadian Rhythm for High Performance with Phil Learney, Human Performance Specialist and Coach
In this episode, Phil Learney discusses how we can optimize our sleep for improved performance by understanding our circadian rhythms. We examine the impact that routines, environment, and habits can have on our sleep and explore the effects of various factors, including circadian rhythms, light exposure, jetlag, alcohol, and caffeine. Phil Learney the Rewire Fitness App on Apple Store or Google Play ( 
51:56 25/11/22
How to Rewire Your Mindset for Success With Sonya Looney, Pro-MTB Racer and Mindset Coach
Join us for a conversation with Sonya Looney, world endurance champion, pro-mountain biker, plant-based athlete and mindset coach. ⁠⁠In this episode, Sonya Looney shares stories about her journey and experiences as a professional athlete and the way she frames her mindset to lead to her success today. We cover many topics such as having a growth mindset, self-belief, adapting to challenges, cognitive fatigue and mental resilience. ⁠
52:16 11/11/22
Overcoming Burnout and Reframing Success with Joe Fuggle, Former Elite GB Athlete
In this episode, Sun and Joe share an in-depth discussion about burnout, describing their personal experiences and the deeper insights they've gained about how they have been able to reframe their mentality around sports by changing motivation and how they measure success. Joe also shares how he now uses his experiences, knowledge, and passion of helping others to create The Athlete Place, a brand supporting athletes and parents in track & field.You can find Joe at The Athlete Place (@theathleteplace)— The place to go for track & field athletics guidance, support and storytelling.
54:01 05/11/22
Setting Goals, Finding Purpose, and The Importance of Mindset in Sports with Marc Klok, Professional Football Player
Marc Klok is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Liga 1 club Persib Bandung and the Indonesia national team. In this episode, Marc Klok shares his journey toward becoming a professional football player. He discusses how he practices resilience, deals with setbacks, approaches goal-setting, and his thoughts on health, mindset, and longevity. In addition, Marc offers his advice to aspiring professional athletes.
24:38 14/10/22
Performing as a Time Crunched Athlete with David Lipman, Ultramarathon Runner
David Lipman is a medical doctor, exercise physiologist, podiatrist, ultramarathon runner and coach who is now working in Sports tech. In this episode, David Lipman shares valuable advice for anyone who wishes to elevate their training performance. He discusses how he prepares for races, the importance of consistency and effort, recommendations for longevity and health, ways to cope with mental fatigue, how he uses Rewire to support his performance, and much more…
53:30 06/10/22
Overcoming setbacks, finding resilience, and avoiding burnout with Eloise Du Luart, Professional Triathlete
In this episode, Eloise du Luart shares her approach to training performance and how she handles injuries, overcomes setbacks, and maintains a healthy balance without burnout. Eloise shares many unique insights into her training mentality as a professional triathlete. 
39:14 14/09/22
Rewire updates: Garmin integration, training, productivity hacks, and more...
In this episode, Sun and Ed share shoutouts to Rewire athletes, discuss their latest training updates, share productivity hacks, and give details on the new highly anticipated Garmin integration that is now available within the Rewire app. 
27:05 08/09/22
A Scientific Approach to Sports Performance with Dr. Tommy Wood, Neuroscientist and Physiologist
Dr. Tommy Wood is a research assistant professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at the University of Washington whose research interests involve brain health, performance, and longevity. Furthermore, Tommy has coached and competed in multiple sports, including rowing, CrossFit, powerlifting, and ultra-endurance racing. He has also worked with Formula 1 athletes. In this episode, we discuss Tommy's approach to understanding research and how it can be applied to improve our performance and reach our goals. 
45:39 25/08/22
For the Love of the Game: Mind, Body and Spirit with Kyle Korver, NBA All-Star
Kyle Korver competed in the NBA for 17 seasons with 6 different teams. Korver was a prolific 3-point shooter and NBA All-Star. We talk to Kyle about his journey toward becoming an elite athlete; discuss what it takes to compete at the highest level; and explore how Kyle prepares across mind, body and spirit to get into the best state to perform. Since recording the podcast, Kyle has become the Director of Player Affairs and Development for the Atlanta Hawks.
49:32 05/08/22
Sun & Ed talk sustainable training routines + Rewire product updates
On this episode, Sun and Ed discuss their current training and some of the challenges they have been working through. They also share the latest feature updates inside the Rewire App including a new Strava integration and Guided Recovery sessions and how you can make the most out of them.
40:15 17/05/22
#9 - Fergus Crawley, Hybrid Athlete and Coach - Redefining Mental and Physical Strength in Sport
On this podcast, Sun and Ed discuss with Fergus some of his crazy challenges, including Project Vertical, where Fergus scaled the height of Everest three times over 11 days; and 500FIVE, where Fergus achieved a sub-5-minute mile, 500lb Squat and Marathon all in the same day. We explore the mental and physical resilience needed to tackle these challenges and some of the most challenging moments of them. We also discuss Fergus' Movember projects and his personal journey with mental health.
68:52 29/11/21
#8 - Timothy O'Donnell, World Champion Triathlete - Achieving longevity in sport through balance
On this podcast, the Rewire team discuss with Tim his journey to being a world-class professional triathlete. We dive into how he has managed his training and recovery to achieve a long and successful career.  We also hear from Tim about his recent heart attack which he experienced during a triathlon at Challenge Miami and how he has recovered since.
44:07 09/11/21
#7 - Ben Kanute, Olympian and Professional Triathlete - The Mental Demands of Triathlon
On this episode, the Rewire Team discuss with Ben the mental demands of competing on the world stage, as well as some of the ways he trains, recovers and monitors his mind and body in preparation for a race to ensure that he's ready to perform. We dive into Ben's journey to where he is today, as well as his obsession with some of triathlon's hardest and most unique races, like Escape from Alcatraz. 
55:03 01/11/21
#6 - Matt Hanson, Professional Triathlete - Optimizing Cognitive and Physical Recovery
On this episode, the Rewire team discuss with Matt his journey from being a professor in exercise science to now being a professional triathlete competing at the highest level. We discuss the lessons that he's learned along the way, both as an athlete and a coach, including how Matt is able to prioritize both cognitive and physical recovery whilst training. 
46:22 04/10/21
#5 - Building a Resilient Mind with Laura Kline
In this episode, the Rewire team chat with Laura Kline about how she has built a resilient mind and how it helps her when performing at all levels from in training to on the world stage. Laura Kline has achieved national and international success in Triathlon, Ultra Running and Duathlon, a sport in which she became a World Champion.
36:23 13/05/21
#4 - Diving into Rewire's Mindset Recovery System
On this episode, the Rewire Team discuss what our Mindset Recovery System involves, its uses, and the science behind the protocols it uses. Stay tuned at the end of the podcast for a demo of our Mindset Recovery System featuring guided box breathing and binaural beats specifically designed for relaxation.
60:19 13/11/20
#3 - Rewire in Action: Alpine Climb with Sun Sachs
On this episode, Sun Sachs talks through his recent experience of climbing Mount Rainier and how he used the Rewire system to prepare for his climb, to perform under challenging conditions and to recover. Lindsay Shaffer, Rewires Strategic Advisor, and Ed Gibbins discuss with Sun the mental and physical challenges that he faced and how he overcame them. We also analyse Sun’s data from during the climb to understand the effects from a cognitive, emotional and physical perspective.
56:07 24/08/20
#2 - Diving into Rewire with CEO and Co-Founder, Sun Sachs
On this episode, Ed Gibbins sits down with Sun Sachs, CEO and Co-Founder of Rewire Fitness. Sun started Rewire over a year and a half ago and we discuss his inspiration behind the product, what the system involves and its applications in sport and in life. We also discuss current affairs at Rewire including our beta program as well as some plans for the future.“What if we could practice for those most difficult moments that we’ll face in competition. For those moments when your mind begins to unravel and self-doubt starts to creep in. How could this type of practice change our lives, not only for sports but for anything that requires mental toughness?” - Sun SachsTo learn more about Rewire Fitness, check us out at rewirefitness.appInstagram - @rewirefitness ;Twitter - @rewire_app ;Facebook - @rewirefitnessapp
28:33 12/07/20
#1 - Talking Brain Endurance Training with Walter Staiano, Ph.D
On this episode, Ed Gibbins sits down with Walter Staiano, Rewire’s Chief Scientist, to talk about Brain Endurance Training. Our discussion includes what BET is; how it works; who it benefits and how it assists with improving athletic performance.Walter has a Ph.D in Psychobiology of Perception of Effort and Exercise Tolerance and is the leading researcher and expert in the practical application of Brain Endurance Training (BET).His research has been featured in best selling sports performance books including Alex Hutchinson’s ‘Endure’ and he’s worked with Olympic and World Championship teams as well as the British Military.To learn more about Rewire Fitness, check us out at !Instagram - @rewirefitness ;Twitter - @rewire_app ;Facebook - @rewirefitnessapp
22:13 04/06/20