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The Intuitionology Podcast Series

This podcast is going to help you understand the complex nature of your intuition so that you are able to listen to the intuitive signals that are telling you what the right decision is to make in any situation, putting you back on the path to success in every area of your life.


Last Episode For My Intuitionology Podcast Series
I would like to inform you that I will be closing a chapter of my life and it's the Intuitionology Podcast Series. I am very thankful for the support that you have given me all this time. With a chapter closing, a new one is opening. I wish for your continued support in my new podcast, The Intuitive Branding Podcast Series, where I talk with successful people about how intuition played a big role in the success of their businesses. Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Schedule A Discovery Call With Sunil:
01:37 01/12/21
Cancer Survivor Turned Author And Speaker | Dara Kurtz
Today’s podcast guest is with cancer survivor Dara Kurtz whose intuition had her take a leap of faith to move away from a secure career in banking to become an author and speaker after her treatment for cancer. In this podcast interview, Dara and I talk about how she made the decision to move away from her job, how her illness revealed the people who were really there for her, and finding a bag of 100 old letters written by her mother and two grandmothers that led her to write her book and inspiring others. Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Free 7-day challenge!
44:51 06/10/21
Star Wars Set Designer and Academy Award Winner | Roger Christian
Today’s podcast guest is with Academy Award winner Roger Christian whose intuition led him to be selected by George Lucas as a set designer for Star Wars and going on to work on the set of Alien, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. In this podcast interview, Roger and I talk about meeting George Lucas, how the story and the team behind the movie Star Wars was based completely on intuition, how Roger leveraged his intuition to design a number of elements for Star Wars including the lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s blaster, and the body of R2D2 as examples, and his role as a set designer for the movie Alien.   Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Free 7-day challenge!
64:59 29/09/21
He Turned His Back On Millions Of Dollars In Investment Money | Cary Jack
Today’s podcast guest is with lifestyle entrepreneur, author, podcast host, professional actor Cary Jack whose intuition had him turn his back on millions of dollars of investment money and escape the corporate rat race so that he could finally live in harmony. In this podcast interview, Cary and I talk about his involvement in the tech start-up space, the sacrifices he needed to make to be successful in the start-up base, moving to Bangkok to find himself, and trusting his intuition to find the success that he now enjoys.   Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
34:23 22/09/21
She Survived A Tumultuous Life And Brought Healing To Others | Sandi Boucher
Today’s podcast guest is with Sandi Boucher who is a master at creating space and has used intuition to survive a very tumultuous life so that she could help bring healing to others. In this podcast interview, Sandi and I talk about the influence her parents had on her life, the trials and tribulations she had to endure after losing her parents, thoughts around indigenous reconciliation, and trusting intuition that led her to what she is doing now. Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
43:17 15/09/21
His Intuition Helped Him Escape And Survive The 9/11 Attack | Ari Schonbrun
Today’s podcast guest is with 9/11 survivor Ari Schonbrun whose intuition had him escape from the clutches of death not just once, but several times on September 11th when he found himself trapped on the 78th floor just after a plane hit Tower One of the New York City Twin Towers. In this podcast interview, Ari and I talk about how intuition saved his life, time after time, starting with making him late for work that morning, saving a co-worker who was also trying to escape, having someone steer him away from escaping from the building garage with no escape route and climbing into an ambulance that sped away, saving him from being crushed by the building coming crashing down. Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
56:47 11/09/21
Social Media Influencer and Video Creator | Stewart Brittlestar Reynolds
Today’s podcast guest is with social media influencer Stewart Reynolds, also known as Brittlestar, whose intuition helped him go from losing everything to being a sought-after social media personality by some major international brands. In this podcast interview, Stewart and I talk about the devastating circumstances that had him lose everything and how trusting his intuition led him to one opportunity after another that led to his social media fame he enjoys today. Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
48:33 08/09/21
He Started A Successful Creative Writing Business After Being Let Go From A Job | Ray Slater Berry
Today’s podcast guest is with author and career strategist Ray Slater Berry, whose intuition had him start a creative writing business geared towards dyslexic people after being let go from a job because of pay cuts. In this podcast interview, Ray and I talk about the time he trusted his intuition to move to Barcelona without having a job or knowing a soul, writing his book, and how surrounding himself with the right people not only had him flourish in the content creation area, but it was also the reason why he was successful in finding clients for his new business. Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
44:57 01/09/21
Finding A Career That You Love | Sarah Vermunt
Today’s podcast guest is with career expert Sarah Vermunt who continued to ignore her intuition to change her career, which resulted in a major public meltdown at a Starbucks, which was the wake-up call she needed to finally trust her intuition to do what SHE wanted in life. In this podcast interview, Sarah and I talk about the circumstances around that breakdown and the steps she took, guided by intuition, that helped her overcome her fear to start a business to help so many others find a career that they love rather than being stuck in a career they no longer enjoyed. Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
36:33 25/08/21
Overcoming His Demons And Knowing Himself More By Going Through Ayahuasca | Lance Essihos
Today’s podcast guest is with the host of the University of Adversity Podcast, Lance Essihos, who relied on his intuition to overcome a life going nowhere by facing his demons and discovering who he really was after going through Ayahuasca. In this podcast interview, Lance and I talk about the meandering life he led, how he started to realize that people got stuck in their lives by living through the values of others, and how he keeps relying on his intuition to make sure that he lives a life true to his own values. Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
60:13 18/08/21
Making Dreams Into Reality | Forbes Riley
Today’s podcast guest is with the author, award-winning television personality, entrepreneur, Forbes Riley who has used her intuition to become a household name when it came to television and going on to inspire so many others to turn their dreams into reality. In this podcast interview, Forbes and I talk about her rise to fame and how her success was about leveraging her intuition to shut out the ego and going within to believe in herself, which was the reason she was able to open one door of opportunity after another. Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
63:19 11/08/21
An Emotional Interview About Trust And Not Giving Up | David Williams
This is an emotional interview with David Williams about his business failure and about his son who passed away due to cancer. In this interview, he talked about how he was able to overcome the challenges with the guidance of his intuition. Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
46:25 04/08/21
How She Left Her Business of Five Years To Have A Deep Dive In Positive Psychology | Kezia Luckett
How brave are you to leave behind a business that you have been working on for a long time? Kezia Luckett hit rock bottom after running her 5-year old business. After her mentor asked her if she was happy doing all these things, she was in denial at first but then she realized that she is not happy anymore. Her intuition led her to dive deep into Positive Psychology, and it became something that she is really passionate about. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Free 7-day challenge!
45:17 28/07/21
How She Is Able To Help People Transform Their Lives | Sherrie Carnicle
After losing passion for her work in the food industry, Sherrie Carnicle trusted her intuition to embark on a journey. That journey had her dive into the fitness industry where she started to find personal benefits. Those same benefits were then used on her clients where she uses mindset in combination with personal training to have her clients succeed in every area of their lives. Website: TikTok: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
41:31 21/07/21
How He Was Able to Rise Back Up Again After Hitting Rock Bottom | Joey Cee
Have you ever experienced losing everything you have worked hard for? This is what Joey Cee experienced that got him to almost file for bankruptcy after her mother's house burned down. His intuition led him to open the doors of opportunity in the entertainment business, and he was able to rise back up again, earning so much more compared to his previous job. More importantly, after hitting rock bottom, he was able to find out who his true friends are. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Free 7-day challenge!
51:09 14/07/21
How Her Intuition Saved Her From Being Assaulted | Rita Pira
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought it was the end of you? Rita Pira was in this exact situation when she met a stranger who tried to assault her. When she was being choked by the stranger, her intuition told her to laugh, thinking it might trick him to think that he will be infected with a disease that she could have had. When she had a chance to escape, she ran so fast away from him, but her intuition told her to go back and get the license plate of his car. The police came and she later found out that the stranger was a correctional officer with a wife and kids. Website: TikTok: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
56:51 02/07/21
His purpose changed after his wife and son almost died | Jeffrey Lopes
Have you ever been so dedicated to your job that you ended up having no time for your family? Jeffrey Lopes found himself in the same situation because he was so focused on earning a living. But this all changed when his wife and son almost died, and he felt like there was a switch that got flipped. He is still running an incredibly successful business but his intuition had him realize that there should be a work-life balance. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
27:40 29/06/21
She Ignored Her Intuition And Was Left For Dead | Sarah Smith
Have you ever ignored your intuition and ended up in a dangerous situation? Sarah Smith ignored her intuition and got beaten up so badly by three men who hijacked her van, and she was basically left for dead. When she trusted her intuition, she decided to leave her band of 10 years and went solo. Even though it was a difficult decision, she felt that it was the right thing to do and it led her to release three albums and win awards. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
23:57 25/06/21
A Trusted Relationship Saved Him From Being Killed By A Terrorist | Paul Nadeau
Who knew that having a trusted relationship would save a life. As a peacekeeper, Paul Nadeau made sure that when training others, having a relationship was one of the first things he did to earn trust. Without Paul knowing, one of those he trained was actually an undercover terrorist who coordinated a raid where Paul was, with the intention of "taking no prisoners". With Paul surrounded and being beaten by other terrorists, it was clear to him that he was going to die. But what saved him was the trusted relationship he developed with the terrorist that had him live. This skill helped Paul in law enforcement as well, going on to have gang members reveal things they usually never do. All of this is thanks to Paul's intuition. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
59:28 22/06/21
His Intuition Helped Him Overcome Addiction to Porn and Substances to Find Success | Zack Blakeney
Zack Blakeney found himself living a life addicted to pornography and substances, Yet, his intuition never left his side, helping him finally come clean and admit what he was going through. This had him finally live a life without hiding behind masks, and after realizing that having a strong mindset, led by intuition, he started leading others to live a healthy life by having a strong mindset of their own. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
50:14 18/06/21
He Helps Others Overcome Their Fears to Scale Their Businesses | Ari Meisel
Ari Meisel is well known for being a productivity expert, helping entrepreneurs with the advice that they need to scale their businesses. What many may not know is that intuition plays a key role as it helps entrepreneurs overcome fear, which then allows Ari to help them become replaceable where they are able to delegate work to teams so that they can work on the more creative aspects of their business. Although Ari indirectly helps others leverage their intuition, his own intuition helped him overcome a two-year battle with Crohn’s disease. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Free 7-day challenge!
27:06 15/06/21
His Intuition Drove Him To Be True To Himself And That Catapulted His Success | Daniel Pillai
As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, Daniel Pillai grew up ignoring his intuition, afraid of what others would think. Yet, it was his intuition nudging him to celebrate who he was, and this led to him surround himself with the right people who have been instrumental in being a foundation of support. And once that happened, he started to find success in the other areas of his life, such as his career and his overall ability to be happy in life, thanks to his intuition.  To find out more about Daniel Pillai, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
74:15 11/06/21
From Almost Dying Twice to Helping Thousands of People Transform and Find Success | Philip McKernan
What do you think you would do after you are close to meeting death? Philip McKernan almost died twice, the first was on his trip to Nigeria where he was chased by an elephant and the second one was when he met a rafting accident. These events shook his life and it made him think of making a real change in his life. His intuition had him help people become successful by making them tell their truth and make a change in their own lives. To find out more about Philip McKernan, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
40:26 08/06/21
Overcoming bullying and being judged by people led to her success in the Fashion World | Simone God
Bullied as a kid, Simone God realized that it made her a stronger person. When she broke up with a famous boxer because of a head injury, she needed the strength after being judged by a lot of people. Her intuition helped her along the way, opening one door of opportunity after another, leading to her finding success in the fashion industry as well as being a social media influencer. To find out more about Simone God, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
44:38 04/06/21
Her Continuing Battle with Alcoholism Did Not Stop Her From Being A Great Teacher | Jessica Duenas
We all have our demons who are trying to keep us in the dark. Jessica Duenas has been struggling with alcoholism that was triggered by different events in her life like her getting a divorce and her father passing away. Despite going through a difficult time, she did not let this affect her performance as a teacher, which eventually got her an award as the Upcoming Kentucky State Teacher of the Year 2019. Her intuition has always been there, guiding her towards her victory with her battle with alcoholism. To find out more about Timea, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
52:32 01/06/21
Going from Being a Human Traffic Survivor to Helping Other Victims Through Her Advocacy | Timea Nagy
Can you imagine your daughter, sister, or your best friend being trafficked and turned into sex slaves? Timea Nagy had gone through incredibly horrible things as a victim of human trafficking, trapped in that situation for three years. Then, there was an intuitive moment where she was able to break free, using her strength to overcome the emotional toil that it took on her. This led her to become a ray of hope for the victims of Human Trafficking through her advocacy. To find out more about Timea, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
61:21 28/05/21
Failing to Win Miss India Did Not Stop Her to Reach Much Bigger Goals in Life | Shraddha Musale
How far would you go to reach your ambitions in life? What steps would you take to achieve your goals? As a young talented artist trying to make it in a big city, Shraddha Musale went to Mumbai from a small town in India with her big dreams packed and loaded. She competed for the Miss India crown but failed. Yet, her intuition told her to keep chasing her dreams, going back to school, and eventually starting to model and act. This eventually led her to be awarded a major role in a hit television series, C.I.D., as Dr. Tarika. To find out more about Shraddha, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
58:51 25/05/21
He "Sold" Forensic Linguistics to His Superiors Which Caught the Unabomber | James R. Fitzgerald
It took the FBI 17 years to catch the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, who killed 3 people and injured so many others. But it was the intuition of James R. Fitzgerald, who used a relatively new tool called Forensic Linguistics to determine that a 35,000-word manifesto printed in a major newspaper eventually led to the arrest of Ted Kaczynski. To this day, because of the intuition of James R. Fitzgerald, his use of Forensic Linguistics is widely used as a method in decoding written statements and eventually identifying who the suspects are. To find out more about James, visit his podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
43:34 21/05/21
Intuition Got Them Out Of A Difficult Situation | Abby and Bianca Khanna
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like something is not right? This is what Abby and Bianca's intuition had told them. After Abby arrived in America with just $200 in his pocket, he started working for his Uncle, 16 hours a day and with no pay, his Uncle calling it training, eventually moving on to other jobs, including working as a bouncer for a strip club. Bianca left her very successful acting and modeling career in the Bollywood scene to go to the US and start working from the bottom as a salesperson in different fashion stores in Hollywood, eventually receiving recognition for her skills in sales. Both had struggled in life, but intuition had helped them get out of these difficult situations, which ended up building a company from the ground level to over 7 figures in sales. To find out more about Abby and Bianca, visit their podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
40:42 18/05/21
She Lost $200K Because Of Ego | Hither Mann
Have you ever lost a huge amount of money due to ego? This is what happened to Hither Mann after starting to earn quite a bit of money through her investments. She got into trouble when her ego kicked in, eventually losing $200K in just 2 days. Thankfully, her intuition helped her recover from that difficult phase... To find out more about Hither, visit her podcast page at Click the link to get your free e-book:
36:03 14/05/21