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14 - Wellness Technology and Virtual Reality - ft. Lyle Maxson
Ever wondered how we can use technology to improve our wellness and mental wellbeing? This week’s guest has worked on many ways to do just that. In this episode we welcome Lyle Maxson who’s focused on shifting the narrative of entertainment from escapism to transformation. This goal led him to become the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Andromeda Entertainment, a virtual reality publishing company focusing on creating games for good. During our conversation with Lyle, we talk about: the value of collaboration + building your network + using virtual reality for social good + more. Find more inspiration on Instagram: 
31:31 01/09/20
13 - How to Use Media for Social Good ft. Kasha Sequoia Slavner
Sometimes it feels like the media we constantly engage with brings a lot of negativity and toxicity to our lives—this week’s guest has found a way for young people to use media for social good. In this episode we welcome Kasha Sequoia Slavner! Kasha is the founder of The Global Sunrise Project, a youth-led social enterprise that creates award-winning positive impact media and conducts educational outreach, screenings and workshops to empower students to make a positive impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. During our conversation with Kasha, we talk about: intersectionality in activism + persuading others to join your cause + being courageous in the face of fear + more. Find more inspiration on Instagram:
29:56 25/08/20
12 - How Virtual Reality Can Change the World ft. Olivia Wenzel
Virtual reality (VR) is a powerful tool for social change; that’s why this week’s guest is using VR to improve the lives of elderly people! In this episode we welcome Olivia Wenzel. Olivia is the founder and CEO of AltruTec, LLC, a startup that develops VR and augmented reality applications to improve the quality of life of elderly people, especially those living with dementia or Parkinson’s disease. During our conversation with Olivia, we talk about: ways to implement VR + staying focused to make a larger impact + lifelong learning + more. Find more inspiration on Instagram: 
28:14 18/08/20
11 - Getting Rid of Imposter Syndrome ft. Ella Robertson
Do you get stuck with feelings of inadequacy or feeling like your success is not deserved? This week’s guest has some tips to help you overcome imposter syndrome. In this episode we welcome Ella Robertson, the Managing Director of One Young World. She’s also the co-author of How To Make A Difference and has written for The Times, The Daily Telegraph and City AM. During our conversation with Ella, we talk about: banishing imposter syndrome + exploring in your twenties + the youth unemployment crisis + more. Find more inspiration on Instagram: 
38:04 11/08/20
10 - How to be a Young Entrepreneur ft. Kylee Majkowski
This young entrepreneur built her nonprofit on four pillars: creativity, risk, passion and empathy. In this episode we welcome Kylee Majkowski who, at 7-years-old, co-founded her first venture, lLifte. Now in grade 10, Kylee is the founder of Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand, a nonprofit focused on inspiring young minds to spark their entrepreneurial spirit. During our conversation with Kylee, we talk about: youth entrepreneurship + keeping fun central to your work + staying true to your authentic self + more. Find more inspiration on Instagram:
29:44 04/08/20
9 - Transforming Education, Digital Learning and Soft Skills ft. Hayden Taylor
Transforming education to a system that puts leadership and entrepreneurship at its heart in order to create a generation of civic-minded young people is this guest’s mission. In this episode we welcome Hayden Taylor, a 23-year-old social entrepreneur and young leader from the United Kingdom. Hayden is one of the youngest CEOs of an education non-profit, with his organization Unloc providing innovative education programs to over 10,000 young people per year. During our conversation with Hayden, we talk about: transforming the education system + considerations as we transition to digital learning + the value of soft skills + asking for help + more. Find more love on Instagram: 
21:44 28/07/20
8 - Art for Climate Action and Social Change ft. Jade Zaroff
We engage in art every day, it’s a necessary part of our lives and a powerful way to create meaningful and sustainable change. In this episode we welcome Jade Zaroff, an artist, producer, entrepreneur, and young changemaker whose passion is to use entertainment as a vehicle for activism and impact. She is a leader in inspiring others to use their talents for positive change in the world through her nonprofit organization, Entertainment for Change. During our conversation with Jade, we talk about: using entertainment to create change + art as a means of communication + the importance of art education + staying true to your authentic self + more. Find more love on Instagram:
33:56 21/07/20
7 - Wellness and Self-Care Advice for Activists ft. Jacob Thomas
“If you’ve got money: give it if you can. If you’ve got time: give that. If you’ve got expertise that could benefit somebody else then give it. Not everything has to be for profit in your life.” On this episode we welcome Jacob Thomas, a nonbinary LGBTQIA+ human rights advocate based in Melbourne, Australia who works to ensure all LGBTQIA+ people are free and equal. Jacob also teaches and researches in university spaces around the world and, in their spare time, they are a designer, drag artist and avid baker. During this conversation, we talk about: making space in your heart for others + giving back to your community + taking care of your mental health + being stuck in an unhealthy home during the COVID-19 pandemic + more. Find more love on Instagram:
45:59 14/07/20
6 - Big Data Expert Shares Tips on Attracting Your Audience ft. Nicholas Kee
Even though the state of the world is uneasy right now, people are supporting people in such beautiful ways. On this episode we welcome Nicholas Kee, Co-Founder and Executive Director of nonprofit organization Next Gen Creators. Through Next Gen Creators, Nick helps young entrepreneurs and techies to innovate, collaborate, and learn through a series of specially curated events and programs. He also promotes Digital Literacy learning for youth in the Caribbean and allows them to showcase their skills and create solutions to the world’s biggest problems. During this conversation, we talk about: The importance of digital literacy + the need for adequate broadband access + tips for entrepreneurs in developing areas + the importance of knowing your persona + more. Find more love on Instagram:
30:36 23/06/20
5 - Education, Accessible Tech and Inclusive Innovation ft. Derick Omari
Leader of the award-winning social enterprise, Tech Era, Derick Omari talks about how he got started, how we can use technology to increase inclusion and the advice he has for aspiring innovators. Tech Era focuses on developing technology meant to bridge the gap between persons with disabilities and education in Africa. In addition to leading Tech Era, Derick is also a Queens Young Leader and was voted most influential young Ghanaian in Technology in 2018. Derick is also a social entrepreneur with expertise in disability, entrepreneurship and ed-tech and believes that by solving problems in education and disability, we can nurture students to become innovative leaders for Africa tomorrow. Follow us on Instagram:
36:33 26/05/20
4 - How to be a Woman Entrepreneur ft. Ingrid Harb
Founder of the Women Ambassadors Forum as well as global advocate Ingrid Harb talks about her dos and don’ts, as well as advice for fellow founders and those looking for a way to get started. Ingrid founded the Women Ambassadors Forum when she was in college and saw it as a vehicle to not only meet the best advocates in the world, but to also help make available the best coaches, instructors, and platforms meant to empower women to unlearn what they’ve been taught to believe about themselves and find new ways of thinking. Since then, Ingrid has partnered with over 50 Fortune 500 companies and created over 15 international and national conferences, reaching women from 150 countries. Follow us on Instagram:
30:07 26/05/20
3 - Six Principles for Young People to Achieve Career Success ft. Jay Hammonds
Award-winning technologist Jay Hammonds talks about which six principles he used to build his successful career and how you can apply them to advance your professional development. Jay currently works on the Executive Support Engineering Team at Facebook and he and his team are responsible for IT Support & Project Management for Facebook Executives. Before working at Facebook, Jay led the IT team at Instagram for four years and helped create the Year Up @ Facebook program in 2012, which helped to bring in nearly 400 diverse interns. Jay also serves as a board member, advisor, mentor and consultant for a number of community organizations in the Bay Area and is focused on building tech curriculums for inner-city students as well as making tech more accessible to underrepresented youth. Follow us on Instagram:
21:51 26/05/20
2 - How to Become a Human Rights Activist ft. Jessica Dewhurst
Award-winning human rights defender Jessica Dewhurst talks about what inspired her to take action and how she is equipping others to defend their human rights. Jessica is the founder and CEO of the international human rights organization, The Justice Desk, which focuses on empowering local people in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe to understand and defend their human rights in order to build safer communities for all, empowering 250,000 lives in South Central Africa. They have won many awards for their work and Jessica has also been named one of Africa’s and South Africa’s most inspiring youth for her work; and received awards from Queen Elizabeth II, South African president Jacob Zuma, Prince Edward, Countess Sophie and Lead SA. Follow us on Instagram:
41:28 26/05/20
1 - How Youth Can Create Change ft. Khloe Thompson
13-year-old international philanthropist and founder, Khloe Thompson, talks about becoming a changemaker during these unprecedented times. Through her own nonprofit organization, Khloe Kares, Khloe supports people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, CA brings clean water to schools in Ghana and inspires young people to be changemakers in their own communities. Most recently, Khloe Kares is partnering with Giving Tuesday to start the #GivingTuesdayKids movement, and with it, provide support to residents of Los Angeles by making and donating masks to organizations in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow us on Instagram:
33:44 26/05/20