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The Smallest Room Podcast

The Smallest Room is a place where changemakers can tell their stories. Join Mark Balla in the smallest room to hear from social entrepreneurs, film makers, philosophers, philanthropists and more. All these people have one thing in common - they have chosen to dedicate a substantial part of their lives to the idea of leaving the world a little bit better than it was when they first arrived. Who are the changemakers? Every day we see things in the world that don't sit quite right with us. More often than not our response is something along the lines of "What can I do about it? I'm just one person. I can't fix global poverty. I can't stop family violence. I can't make sure everyone in the world has access to a toilet. I can't prevent slavery in the developing world." Changemakers are people who change the paradigm. They decide to do something about it and the world changes for the better as a result of it. Often their efforts start as a trickle, but sometimes, just sometimes they turn into a raging river of change. Some of the people you will meet in The Smallest Room are just beginning their journey. Others have already built a raft to help them stay afloat in the torrent. All of them have stories worth telling. These are the people you will meet in The Smallest Room. These are the changemakers.