Show cover of The Grumpy Marketers - Two middle-aged nerds have moan...

The Grumpy Marketers - Two middle-aged nerds have moan...

Richard Fletcher and Al Elliott are 2 middle aged men who've seen it all when it comes to online marketing. From old school banner ads in 1994, right up to the modern day 'fake webinars' (yes, we know you're not actually presenting to us live)...the result is a lot of things piss them off. This podcast is their place to vent, spleen and moan. They may occasionally offer nuggets of value, but those are entirely by accident.


34: Our marketing heroes 16:40 05/10/21
33: Is Facebook on its arse..? 14:13 28/09/21
32: Idea Validation part 2 18:23 21/09/21
31: Live coaching session with Richard 22:41 14/09/21
30: How to validate an idea without spending any time or money on it! 31:20 07/09/21
29: A simple way to getting on page 1 of Google 28:19 31/08/21
28: Reed Floren on using Artificial Intelligence to write content 38:44 16/07/21
Ep27: Al admits he made up 'Unmarketing' 20:40 06/07/21
Up next: WTF is Unmarketing? 01:00 06/07/21
Ep26: Wanna learn how to IG reels properly? Listen to this... 24:56 06/07/21
Swimwear model who's killing it with IG reels? (Upcoming episode) 01:16 06/07/21
Ep 25: The 5 best marketing strategies for 2021 26:06 06/07/21
Sneak peek at the 5 marketing strategies for 2021 00:50 06/07/21
Should you listen to us? We state our case in just over 3mins... 03:20 01/07/21
Ep24: 18 new rules for social media copywriting (part 2) 32:20 02/03/21
Ep23: 18 new rules for social media copywriting (part 1) 28:15 23/02/21
Ep22: A Lesson In Standing Out From The Crowd 25:07 15/02/21
Ep21: Unselling: 5 Steps To Sell Without Being A Salesperson 23:43 09/02/21
Ep20: Profound lessons from a recent marketing experiment 23:13 02/02/21
EP19: How To Have An Idea In The Morning And Sell It By Lunch Time 23:23 26/01/21
Ep18: Clubhouse: The Next Big Thing, Or Another Flash In The Pan? 21:09 19/01/21
Ep17: Why New Year's Resolutions are a pile of Horse-balls (and WTF is a MVD?) 1092:15 12/01/21
Ep16: Nostradamus Predictions for a Mad 2021 1092:15 05/01/21
EP15: Sh*t we're not going to do in 2021 1092:15 29/12/20
Ep14: Should we feel guilty about selling in a Pandemic? 1092:15 22/12/20
EP13: How to use urgency & scarcity without being a complete shithead 1092:15 15/12/20
Ep12: We're back, Motherf*ckers! 1092:15 08/12/20
Ep11 3 Marketing Lessons From The Streets Of Hanoi 31:14 04/02/19
Ep10 Is Your Marketing The Equivalent Of A Desperate Loser In A Bar? 26:40 21/01/19
Ep 9 The Most Important Word In Marketing 21:56 21/01/19