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Your host is Mairi Campbell-Jack, long listed for the Crime Writing Associations debut dagger and a finalist on the Amazon Publishing New Voices Awards. Mairi guides you through the best of true crime and crime fiction podcasting and books. Regular reviews and guest interviews appear on the podcast and website, as well as a shop where you can buy reviewed books while supporting independent retailers and the pod.


67. Girl, 11: A Crime Fiction Book About The Possible Reemergence of a Serial Killer 03:21 16/05/22
66. SHORT STORY: Nuts About You by award winning Camilla Macpherson 15:59 09/05/22
65: Ripple: A True Crime Book 04:45 02/05/22
64: Untold: The Story of the Daniel Morgan Murder 03:23 25/04/22
Interview: Dea Parkin, Secretary of the Crime Writers Association, talks crime, awards, and lots more 34:21 18/04/22
62: The Purified: A Crime Fiction Book, by CF Peterson set in the Highlands of Scotland 03:56 11/04/22
61:Suspect: A True Crime Podcast about he murder of Arapana Jinaga and the acquittal of Emmauel Fair 03:55 04/04/22
60. Self Help for Serial Killers: Let Your Creativity Bloom. Week two, part two 43:59 02/04/22
59. On The Farm: A True Crime Book about Willie Pickton, and the Pickton Farm 04:33 29/03/22
58. Bonaparte: A Crime Fiction Podcast About the Death of Laura Van Whye 03:46 21/03/22
57: Umboi Island, A Creature X Mystery: A Crime Fiction Book about A TV Crew Chasing Cryptids 03:54 14/03/22
26 REMASTERED. Unravelled: A True Crime Podcast from Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter first two seasons on LISK and Jason Christopher Hughes 05:30 11/03/22
56. BONUS EPISODE. International Women's Day conversation with author CJ Cooper 40:27 08/03/22
55: The Trojan Horse Affair: A True Crime Podcast about extremism and islamophobia in Birmingham 06:09 07/03/22
54. Self Help for Serial Killers: Let Your Creativity Bloom. Week 2, part 1. 21:02 28/02/22
53: The Witness in His Own Words: A True Crime Podcast about Joseph O'Callaghan the Youngest Person in Ireland's Witness Protection Programme 03:55 28/02/22
52. Dirt Town: A Crime Fiction Book set in Australia 03:20 21/02/22
51. Happy Birthday True Crime Fiction 05:15 14/02/22
50. The Darkest Sin - Book 2 of the Ceaser Aldo series: A Crime Fiction Book Set in Renansance Florence 02:59 07/02/22
49. Self Help for Serial Killers: Let Your Creativity Bloom. Week One. A Crime Fiction Novel. 15:12 01/02/22
48: Harsh Reality: A True Crime Podcast about Miriam Riverea, and reality tv. 05:47 31/01/22
47. The Key in The Lock by Beth Underdown: Historical Cornish Crime Fiction 03:34 24/01/22
46: Sweet Bobby: A True Crime Podcast About the Catfishing of Kirat Assi 05:40 17/01/22
45. Reptile Memoires: A Crime Fiction book by Silje Ulstein 02:23 10/01/22
44. Self Help for Serial Killers: Let Your Creativity Bloom - Introduction 18:25 31/12/21
43. The Sleep of Reason: The James Bulger Case 04:14 27/12/21
42. Chasing Ghislaine vs Hunting Ghislaine: Two True Crime Podcasts about Ghislaine Maxwell 05:45 23/12/21
41. The Immaculate Deception: A True Crime Podcast about Jan Karbat and the Karbat Kids 03:58 13/12/21
40. The Good Neighbours: A Crime Fiction Book 03:56 06/12/21
39. The Drop Out Vs Bad Blood. True Crime podcasts on Elizabeth Holmes 05:25 28/11/21