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Your host is Mairi Campbell-Jack, long listed for the Crime Writing Associations debut dagger and a finalist on the Amazon Publishing New Voices Awards. Mairi guides you through the best of true crime and crime fiction podcasting and books. Regular reviews and guest interviews appear on the podcast and website, as well as a shop where you can buy reviewed books while supporting independent retailers and the pod.


168: James Ellroy vs Baby Reindeer: Part 3 Compare and Contrast
Send us a Text Message.Finishing off our trilogy of programmes we take James Ellroy's true crime memoire My Dark Places and Richard Gadd's Baby Reindeer and compare the two asking what they tell us about masculinity and trauma.  Links are for Feast of Death the James Ellroy documentary. As well as...Darren mcGarvey's Trauma Industrial Complex the Show.
47:35 17/05/2024
167. Hurkle Durkle: Ellroy vs Baby Reindeer. Part 2 Baby Reindeer
Send us a Text Message.Part two of our look at James Ellroy's memoire My Dark Places and comparing it to Netflix hit Baby Reindeer looks at Baby Reindeer, and some of the many questions around it.  Next week there will be apart three where we compare the two. Here is a Youtube link to the documentary mentioned in this episode Feast of Death the Show.
57:11 11/05/2024
166: The Red Parts and Jane: A Murder, Two Outstanding True Crime Books
Send us a Text Message.Mairi thinks about the true crime cannon and presents The Red Parts, and Jane:  A Muder, as contenders.  One is prose and one is poetry, and although poetry is not a type of writing often found in true crime the melding of the two togehter produce some wonderful writing. Support the Show.
12:13 05/05/2024
165. Hurkel Durkel 6. My Dark Places vs Baby Reindeer. Part one: James Ellroy.
Send us a Text Message.We wanted to compare the James Ellroy memoire My Dark Places with Netflix hit Baby Reindeer.  We realised quickly though there was too much to say for one episode so here is part one, and we will release part two on Baby Reindeer soon.  To get part two early and ad free then please check out the patreon.Support the Show.
64:43 25/04/2024
164: Believe in Magic a True Crime Podcast about Facticious Illness Disorder
Send us a Text Message.Mairi delves into the story of Meghan Bahri, who run a successful charity for children with serious illnes and uncovers what different societal forces converge in Facticious Illness Disorder. Support the Show.
13:57 20/04/2024
163: Hurkle Durkle: The Murder of Elaine O'Hara at the hands of Graham Dwyer.
Send us a Text Message.Mairi and Phil take some time to delve into the case of Elaine O'Hara who was murdered by Graeme Dwyer, and ask if some of the tropes around the case are really ture?Support the Show.
62:03 12/04/2024
162. Burn Wild: A True Crime Podcast about Eco-terrorisim
Send us a Text Message.Mairi looks at the BBC podcast about eco terrorism in the 1990s as time and attitudes have moved on are those acts of arson as bad as they seemed at the time?Support the Show.
15:17 04/04/2024
161. International Women's Day 2024 Episode including an UPDATE on Who Killed Emma?
Send us a Text Message.Mairi thinks about what recent rulings in the case of Emma Caldwell and Sarah Everard mean for women and how society can work to make itself safer.  Support the Show.
21:42 08/03/2024
160. Herkel Derkel #4: Astray a Podcast About the Dissaperance of Western Backpackers in India
Send us a Text Message.Herkel Durkel is a Scots word that means to lie in a warm bed long after it is time to get up.  This time Mairi and Phil use this leisure time to discuss the podcast Astray which looks at the stories of several backpackers, all of whom have gone missing in India. Support the Show.
52:16 01/03/2024
159. UPDATES: The Crime and Punishment of Shamima Begum
Send us a Text Message.With a ruling from the High Court about Shamima Begum's British citizenship Mairi updates us on what has happened, and what may happen next.  Including the original episode 108 The Crime and Punishment of Shamima Begum. Support the Show.
17:37 25/02/2024
158. UPDATES: Death of an Artist, a podcast about the death of Anna Mendieta and an update about her husband Carl Andre
Send us a Text Message.Last month Carl Andre, who was aquitted of murdering his wife Anna Mendieta, died.  We covered the case originally in episode 137 Death of an Artist.  So what does Andre's death mean for this case, and also for Anna's legacy?Support the Show.
23:28 17/02/2024
157. The Hunt for the Silver Killer: A True Crime Book by David Collins
Send us a Text Message.This week Mairi delves into The Hunt for the Silver Killer.  A true crime book which investigates is the murder/suicides of retiered couples in north west England is really the work of a serial killer.Support the Show.
13:26 10/02/2024
156. Hurkle Durkle: The Trial of Constance Martin and Mark Gordon for manslaughter by gross negligence
Send us a Text Message.In the UK the case the Constance Martin, an aristocrat and her partner Mark Gordon, for the manslaughter of their baby daughter Victoria has been gripping the nation.  Mairi and Phill discuss what we do and don't know about what happened, and what could come up, at the begining stages of the trial.  Support the Show.
59:05 05/02/2024
155: Hurkle Durkel. American Nightmare and the death of Ian Bailey
Send us a Text Message.Phil and Mairi are back discussing the popular Netflix documentary American Nightmare, and also discussing what the death of Ian Bailey means for the Sophie Toscan-du Plantier case. Support the Show.
43:48 27/01/2024
154: The Woman Who Fooled The World. A True Crime Book About Belle Gibson
Send us a Text Message.Mairi thinks about Belle Gibson, and Australian woman who conned the world into thinking she has cancer, and reflects on why so many young women fall for her type of schtik.Support the Show.
17:36 21/01/2024
153: Hurkle Durkle. Mr Bates Vs the Post Office aka The Horizon Scandle
Send us a Text Message.Hurkle Durkle is an old Scots word that means to stay in a warm bed way past the time to get up.  This winter Mairi and Phill are hurkelling and durkelling and chatting about the recent ITV hit Mr Bates Vs The Post Office, otherwise known as The Horizon Scandle.  Support the Show.
33:23 14/01/2024
152: The Sycamore Gap Story - A True Crime Podcast About The Felling of a Tree
Send us a Text Message.When the tree at Sycamore Gap in the north of England was felled, it prompted an outpouring of grief around the world.  Mairi delves into the meaning behind the tree, in what is definately not a victimless crime. Support the Show.
10:54 12/01/2024
151: UPDATES: I Am Not Nicholas and Down The Hill
Send us a Text Message.This week Mairi updates you on developments in two cases which have previously been covered in TCF.  I Am Not Nicholas, the Knight/Rossi apparent case of mistaken identity, and the Delphi muderers on Down the Hill.  Support the Show.
19:02 06/01/2024
150: Crime in Culture: The Enduring Appeal of Ted Bundy
Send us a Text Message.Mairi has spend a lot of time thinking about Ted Bundy, and has come up with some comparisons to her own hidden disability.Support the Show.
25:06 31/12/2023
149: The Princes in the Tower: A True Crime Book by Phillipa Langley
Send us a Text Message.Mairi delves into one of her favourite mysteries, who killed the princes in the tower, and what does Phillipa Langlesy's new evidence mean for all of us interested. Text availible here the Show.
21:59 22/12/2023
148: Death By Event Unknown: A True Crime Podcast About the Stalking of Cindy James and my own Stalking Experience
Send us a Text Message.The case of Cindy James' stalking is incredibly complex, twisty and turney.  The idea that she faked it though... what does that mean for real stalking survivors?If anyone needs resources to cope with stalking the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is excellent the Show.
20:10 10/12/2023
147. The Body in the Tree: A True Crime Podcast About the Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm Mystery
Send us a Text Message.Who put Bella in the Wych Elm is a mystery from Worchestershire, England which has been puzzling people for over 50 years, and it's still no closer to being solved.Support the Show.
12:12 04/12/2023
146: BONUS EPISODE: St Andrew's Day Special
Send us a Text Message.Mairi reviews all the episodes in the last year that have Scotland as their setting.  We travel from Glasgow, to Tayport Beach, Edinburgh and Newbattle.  Support the Show.
39:46 30/11/2023
145: The Apology Line: A True Crime Podcast About Saying Your Sorry
Send us a Text Message.Allen Bridge started The Apology Line in 1980s Manhatten, and it kind of brings out exactly the sort of thing you would expect.Support the Show.
11:08 25/11/2023
144. Believable, The Coco Bearthman Story. A True Crime Podcast about Fraud, Cancer and Joan of Arc
Send us a Text Message.Want to know the similarity between a cancer fraudster and Joan of Arc.  Listen here. Support the Show.
16:17 18/11/2023
143. Self Help for Serial Killers: Week 5, part 1
Send us a Text Message.Maine Fawkes in back again, and this time he is about to start telling you how to work with the media as a true artist.Support the Show.
24:45 12/11/2023
142. Crime in Culture: Britney and Jamie Spears
Send us a Text Message.Mairi read The Woman in Me by Britney Spears and thinks about what crimes have been committed.Support the Show.
13:41 01/11/2023
141: A Different Class of Murder: Sandra Rivette and her murder by Lord Lucan
Send us a Text Message.What can the murder of Sandra Rivette by Lord Lucan tell us about class in Britain?Support the Show.
16:18 25/10/2023
140: Killer Fathers: Traumatised Sons. Legacies of the Black Dahlia and Zodiac
Send us a Text Message.Mairi looks at the phenominon of sons who are convinced their fathers are serial killers and finds something much more ancient underneath.  Text availible here the Show.
18:46 16/10/2023
139: BONUS EPISODE: The Reckoning, a True Crime Drama about Jimmy Saville, and She Said a True Crime Drama about Harvey Weinstein
Send us a Text Message.Mairi has stayed up all night watching and thinking about the Reckoning to get her thoughts on it to you.  Support the Show.
11:00 10/10/2023

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