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Sex Stories is a podcast where guests share details of their desires, delights, disappointments, discoveries, and dreams (& listeners can comment here).These respectful, casually explicit hyper-personal interviews offer a hot mix of inspiration, practical sexy how-to’s, and insight into other peoples’ feelings about sex (so dating apps start to make some sense).Listeners get a chance to safely fantasize about future bucket list-worthy sexsplorations, and report turn-ons while listening, a lot (hilariously, often at work. Also, go listen to Sex at Work).Wyoh is the creator and host, a curious, horny artist/performer. Her obsession with sex started with and continues because of the amount of sexual rejection she receives—in spite of the fact that society led many ladies to believe that if they are super-willing and not-ugly enough, being easy should be...easy.But so far, the anecdotal research points towards the fact that trust and safety are actually super hot, and talking about it ahead of time is a turn-on.Prioritize pleasure. F*ck shame and judgement. When we stay in touch with our desire—and our partner, and their desire—we might have better sex. More connected sex. Safer and creative and deeply intimate and vulnerable sex. Hotter sex.Partners who listen to Sex Stories together report wildly amazing new levels of connection that have led to new phases of joy in their relationships and their sex lives.Solo listeners report increased feelings of enthusiasm and permission to explore kinky things that had only ever existed in their dreams.Listeners of all kinds have connected to and loved their bodies in all kinds of brand new ways, and so many happy lovely humans have discovered butt pleasures thanks to the anal normalization that's happening on-pod. So many beautiful buttsluts!Let’s lead better-laid lives.Let’s create a world where taking care of each other is the norm.Let’s smash some shame, make & share sex


205 | Pussy Immersion, Tantric Handjobs & Dress-Up: Kenyon’s Sex Stories
😍 DETAILS | Kenyon is 6’7” (200 cm) and has gone lingerie shopping at WalMart for himself on multiple instances, yet claims his shame-o-meter still spikes pretty high when talking to friends about kinky stuff. With his partner, shame is almost nonexistent, and he shares stories about seeing her first on an app (and getting rejected) before actually connecting with her through a boudoir photoshoot, which led to his first poly experiences (with a gigantic polycule) as he was in an open relationship with an anal-preferring partner who eventually came out as asexual at the time. His stories include pegging experiences, secret anal explorations, length vs. girth preferences and a *nope* experience with an inflatable butt plug, what feels most delicious about cross-dressing, going shopping for femme clothes with his partner, ambivalence around receiving oral sex, great enthusiasm about the flavor of vaginas and having his face smooshed up inside them, finding himself more attracted to cocks than masculinity, his favorite parts of a threesome, how new relationship energy made his intro to poly fairly smooth, his divine inspiration to get his first pair of panties from a WalMart at 3 AM, his love of redheads, exploring sex beyond penis-in-vagina penetration, lubeless masturbations, coconut-oil drenched partnered handjobs, and early learnings about sex that included a really comprehensive, awesome Catholic School sex education, some wisdom about hard-ons from his cousins, a very smart dog that copied his pillow humping, and seeing his first vagina close-up via a playboy. He shares dreams for the future which include bras, wigs, exploring more dress-up, noodling on what would make a sex party fun for him and his partner, developing self-confidence, dressing full femme in a location he wouldn’t be recognized, and maybe even a cross-dress photoshoot.📈 STATS | 27-year-old straight white cis male who is has been both monogamous and polyamorous with his partner of five years. He's into redheads, giving oral, edging and crossdressing. A Photographer and Carpenter from Montana.🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | If you could have any guest on the show from any time in history to learn about their sex lives, who would it be and why? 🔓Unlock the Sex Stories exclusive feed or join Patreon to hear Wyoh's answer!🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place/support 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
62:24 27/01/2023
204 | Lusty Foot Goddess Exhibitionist & Sacred Whore: Natasha Rose’s Sex Stories
😍 DETAILS | From shame-pushing Mormon origins to liberated exploratory claiming of orgasms and drugs in young adulthood, to discovering her kinky side at a BDSM party and fulfilling incredible role play fantasies, to a brief stint in a cult (that doubled as cheap rehab) and carrying out her long-held desire to feed her exhibitionist side as a stripper before studying tantra and intimacy coaching, and at last finding her way to current work as a legal courtesan (prostitute) at Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas, Natasha Rose has always been the deeply empathetic, curious and horny type, and shares so many incredible sex stories and wisdom. Details include sex magic, literally fucking on a big pile of money, performing as a Pony Girl, living with her first girlfriend, a poly ProDomme who came with a boyfriend, and sharing one big king-sized bed, a far cry from almost getting beat up after her first-ever date with a girl. She tells us the toxic masturbation ideas she was raised with, how early experiences were partner-focused and performative, discusses various iterations of self-pleasure and how she handles safer sex conversations and personal life dating as a professional, full-service sex worker, plus details about puppy and kitty and my little pony play fantasies, being a dragon-tamer / dragon-fucker, huntress energy, vampire play, details of seducing her favorite comic book artist at an orgy, and an amazing foot worship date and session. Future fantasies include fucking machines, Eiffel Tower configurations, and deep energetic connections with fellow magic nerds who are into intentional ritual as much as she is—it’s a very fun sexy roller coaster of stories.📈 STATS | White-with-a-pinch-of-Egyptian ex-Mormon Sex Witch (fuck-witch) with Christian Mystic leanings, a supposedly 41-year-old queer cis femme who is polyamorous, has been engaged to herself for 4-years and is also dabbling in a 3-month situationship. She LOVES receiving foot worship, any kind of worship, and (from the right person) spankings; a switch when it comes to paddling, bondage and restraints, is into pony, puppy and kitty play and identifies as a starfucker: rockstars, famous, and even quasi-famous people. A closet goth, former cult member-and-stripper, she now works as a Love and Sacred Intimacy Coach, legal courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch Brothel, and an onlyfans model, and splits her time between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. 🔗 LINKS | Natasha on onlyfans 🔓🔥 Natasha on twitter 🐥 Natasha on instagram 📸🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | What’s the best public play party you’ve ever been to? Is there one you’d recommend?🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the Creation.Place🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
80:59 20/01/2023
203 | Cafeteria Handjobs & Suffocating in a Vagina: Zach’s Sex Stories
📝➡️ DETAILS | Zach loves oral and 69-ing—the closed loops is hot, deep connection. He loves going down not just to vaginas, but is also into penis-owners, and while intimate, passionate sex with his wife is his favorite, they’ve opened up their marriage so they can both explore same-sex partners. He is a researcher especially when it comes to sex, is turned on by confidence, thigh-highs, teasing and touching in public places—like hotel rooms, parking lots of churches, schools and girlfriends’ driveways—and tells us about the time a cop interrupted him and a partner outside a Jimmy Johns. He shares stories about risqué blowjobs with moms nearby, his introduction to sex with night-vision porn, a tea-related consent lesson, finding out his dad was trans on his 16th birthday, and why he told his mom he explored putting stuff up his butt when he was younger. Zach also talks about his time in the military: why boot camp was a turn-off, meeting an older woman in his training and sneaking off-base for cinematic handjobs, a drunken consent violation that led him to consider his sexuality anew, and processing and growing from that boundary crossing. There’s talk of prostate stimulators, dinosaur fantasies, wanting to do it in the woods, exploring (and being overwhelmed by) Grindr, the influence Sex Stories had on his marriage (!!!), how he relaxes the most with his wife, their exploration of blood play, experiencing his submissive side with other dudes, his responsive desire, a fear of (but curiosity around) fisting and butt plugs, and a desire to explore some of his dominant parts with dudes and someday in divine timing, exploring group sex with his wife.🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | Have YOU ever had sex in the woods?📈 STATS | 23-year-old American Cis Male, he is pansexual. Married with some poly mixed in. He’s into biting, scratching, choking, pegging, giving or receiving oral and bondage. An IT dude from the South currently live in Florida.🚀🎙 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place.🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
66:30 13/01/2023
202 | Three-Way Switch Play & Forest Fucking: Mercedes’ Sex Stories
😍 DETAILS | A variety-loving bisexual switch, Mercedes is 18, off at college, and having a blast. She shares stories of negotiating her first scene where she was not in the dominant role (that happened to be incredibly creative and sensual), dry humping to orgasm, navigating multiple partners and figuring out what if any poly structures are right for her, defensive partners during health and safety talks, school-age period-shaming, terror at her own queerness when she was young and how gay friends, community and a queer, witchy therapist led to relief, and the unfortunate effect of Othello being a formative memory around sex, and how an early-on braces SNAFU led to a breakup. Mercedes also talks about discovering her kinky side in high school with an AFAB submissive partner who was older, fucking in the choir room at lunch, how necessity instilled in her a love of public play, and her love of sensual pleasures, including hair-pulling, being deliciously crushed and the time she got beautifully black and blue breasts. We hear why her dad said she was marked by the devil, how they now check out chicks together, how a log in the forest led to pine needles in her pants, what her top-leaning switch self needs in order to be dominated by another, how music and dancing with a partner function as super turn-ons for her, and her love of butts, plus anal and pegging hopes for the future, and a desire for more moresomes.🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | Have YOU ever had sex in the woods?📈 STATS | 18-year-old white cis femme who was raised atheist, is now a practicing witch, and is a kinky, queer, bisexual and a drag king. She has been in several poly relationships so far and is figuring out if she’s poly or not, is currently single and is having different kinds of sex with several partners. A switch/masochist/sadist, she loves love loves power dynamics, public play, making out and eating pussy. From the Pacific Northwest, she has her associates in Arts and is working on a BA, and loves to dance, collaborative video-making, and cooking.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
55:15 06/01/2023
BONUS | Anal Fisting & A Cabinet Full of Sex Toys: Jon’s Sexy Update
😍 DETAILS | Jon goes into detail about *life changing* BDSM classes & demos with tons of impact and sensation play, stocking up cabinets full of sex toys for the PlayShip Prime, and his recent adventures with anal fisting.Original Episode from June 2020: 75 | Cannon Cumshot Try-Sexual: Jon’s Sex Stories🚀🎙 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place.🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
16:17 02/01/2023
201 | Fucking Machines, Forced Orgasms, Pregnant Anal, & Auto-Fellatio: Alec Bond’s Sex Stories
😍 DETAILS | Alec and his wife are currently negotiating the secret sex life of parents with three young kids, but he regales us with excellent tales of how they met in French class, how slutty collegiate days gave way to a reconnection which led to empowering nude shoots for her, which led to erotic shoots of them both, which led to the early days of content creation—yep, couples porn—because their chemistry was so apparent and yummy to photographers and filmmakers. And they used to teach pole dancing classes together. Yet Alec still has some shame-inducing thoughts so dark, he shares them with no one, and his early years included him absorbing consent talks via his sisters, text-based porn lurking on the internet when he was pretty young, and lots of anxiety or even paranoia around not pushing boundaries. He got a reputation for being great at cunnilingus before he’d ever even seen a vagina because of the punk band he was in, and is full of highly-specific, excellently articulated stories of auto fellatio, how he and his wife met Lord Morpheus of the Bondage Extravaganza, foot fetish loves especially texture and placement, how his wife fed him a pie she baked per his fantasy, pregnancy and lactation play, how they handle their switch-y dynamic when they both have different scales of switchiness, how he likes to play with chastity, toy company testing, pegging, large insertions, ball weights, security camera blind spots, the nuance of what counts as “sex,” and his experience with a long-term relationship that began with deep openness and honesty around desire.📈 STATS | Our guest today is a 37-year-old pansexual and heteromantic white-cis-man in a monogamous relationship with his partner of 17 years. Kinky and adaptable, he enjoys BDSM, exhibitionism and voyeurism, foot fetishism, male chastity and denial, pregnancy and lactation play, and more. A computing engineer originally from Florida, he now lives in Georgia.🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | Say you could magically modify your body in any way possible, what would you do?🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place/support 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
96:59 30/12/2022
200 | Impromptu Bukkake Threesome: Delaney’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | What’s your favorite body part on yourself, and your favorite thing about your mind?😍 DETAILS | The son of a Baptist preacher, sex has been a process of self-discovery for Delaney, who *loves* giving pleasure and currently has a very fun, experimental, multi-partnered solo-poly sex life. A service-oriented pleaser, we get his insights on consent and pleasure preference discussions as foreplay, how a culture of “we don’t really talk about sex” created space for him to experiment with other boys and the corner of his bed, and his own personal experience with awesome people and awesome feelings countered a lot of the shame he was taught. Delaney shares stories about his first partnered experience—in a bathroom, when he was 23—cruising and casual relationships in his 20’s, meeting penis-owners on craigslist, his affinity for older bears, his short-lived panty-wearing phase, a four-year celibate relationship, his experience with comparison, a deep love of his partners’ pleasure, exploring water sports with himself, and how he’s always loved orgies. He’s a true hedonist and a switch of necessity, and shares how he understands service Topping, and the times he takes on more dominant roles with partners. He also talks about how excited he gets seeing a fully nude partner with her strap-on who is about to fuck him, offers a hot reminder that penis owners can use dildos to fuck their partners, too, and talks about crafting barbed wire harnesses and collars. Plus some reflections on shame, taboo, liberation, freedom, and community—as well as some hot hot fantasies about converting an old church into a hot queer orgy space.📈 STATS | Our guest today is a 40-year-old queer cis-male. He is extremely solo poly with a few partners, a hedonist and a switch to the core, he is currently exploring service Domming, and living an integrated kinky lifestyle, a leatherworker and musician from Austin, Texas.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place✅ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
78:23 23/12/2022
199 | Pantyhose Hard-Ons of a Secret Sissy Submissive: Jay’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE⬅️ 🙋 Q | What are you looking forward to exploring in your sex life over the next year or two?😍 DETAILS | Jay’s wife doesn’t know he’s a cross-dresser. In their sex life, he is a dominant, macho New Yorker (who sometimes buys her lingerie he later opes to wear)—but when she’s away on work trips he transforms into a submissive housewife, his sexiest self. Jay shares details of dressing up: his favorite shade of red, heels, shoes, and stockings, how his 6th grade teacher inspired his curiosity around pantyhose, and how aroused he got the first time he borrowed some of his mom’s to try on. He talks about early hetero dating and imagining being the receptive, more passive partner, and shares how his private transformations into a femme babe led to evolutions of his sexuality, including becoming increasingly open to offering blowjobs and receiving anal. He shares stories of exploring first online and eventually in-person crossdressing community, times he rented a hotel room by the hour and invited guys to stop by, a random encounter with a mindfuck Dom, running into people he knew while dressed up at 3 AM, and how camming has allowed him to explore his sissy side while maintaining the agreements of his monogamous marriage. He describes the straightforwardness of his visually-oriented foreplay- and sensual-loving dominant dude mode, and then tells us the detail of his peak sissy submissive self, and the inspiration he would take from his engaged audience while camming—from playing with himself, to riding his dildo, to giving himself a facial, and his evolving exhibitionist self. Other topics include learning to tuck, dress-up specific dirty talk, cum play, messy makeup, BBC dildos and MILF porn, driving in heels and making out until his mouth was sore.📈 STATS | Bisexual Latin dude in his 30’s, married to a partner of 5 years, into crossdressing, pantyhose, playing with toys, especially his BBC dildos, camming and bondage. Works in the tech sector, from NYC.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place🎁 TREAT YOURSELF |🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
75:45 16/12/2022
198 | Deep Fucking, Sucking & the Begging of a Sweaty Cum Slut: Neptune’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE 🔗⬅️😍 DETAILS | Neptune prayed to God that he wouldn’t be a lesbian when he was young—and he’s not, he’s transmasc, queer, and a sweet, slutty, hope-filled sexslplorer—in spite of some nonconsensual early experiences. He shares how watching Rocky Horror Picture Show as a kind opened up his world possibility-wise, and shares stories about threesomes, and offers tories about the first time he set a scene at a dungeon, an early online relationship with sexting and role play, confusing first physical experiences (including some wet panty-shaming from a partner), how he developed his penchant for Daddies during an awesome first time, a time flirting turned into a clear explicit play session that led to Hickeys and learning to think through marks, and what he did when a partner just tried to *go* for anal without planning ahead of time. We also get so many delicious details of what he loves: gentle touches, how they’re getting more sensitive clit-wise since being on T, and feeling even more wet, and leaning submissive but having fun taking dominant/Top roles to make others feel good. Neptune loves feeling hearing the praise and how good things feel for a partner, loves receiving (DEEP) penetration, all of it, all the holes, loves anal, loves how warm it feels—especially when someone comes inside him. They’re also into being told how to suck a cock to get it off, exploring different ball sensitivities, are working on his deep throat goals, loves being spanked and flogged, biting and marks, and tells us when he started playing with his own asshole. We also get details of threesomes and being with couples (and what he wants for the future), including favorite positions. We learn about his exhibitionist side, receiving compliments at the dungeon from friendly voyeurs, a spontaneous group makeout party with touching everywhere, what it’s like to go to a public dungeon with their current bae, plus tickling turn-offs and the nuance of what blood is in and out of bounds. Also discussed: “Daddy energy” and what it’s been like for him to explore his Top sides, his future Daddycock(s), wanting to explore double-ended dildos and straps, and how he wants to have someone tied up so he can have his way with them, explore everything, and make submissive partners report on sensations—hot consent in the form of sexy dirty talk. Plus, *lots* of fantasy desire-related questions and openness to foot fetishes and five cocks.📈 STATS | 22-year-old poly and pansexual transmasc Latino who uses he/they pronouns and is single-ish. They are into praise, exhibitionism, group sex, and have a penchant for Daddies—also is exploring his own Daddy side, a tattoo apprentice with a day job at a mortgage company, from Glendale, California🙋 QUESTION | What was one of your most intense orgasms?🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place✅ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
70:33 09/12/2022
197 | Cum Splashing & Picnic Table Spanks: Calinheart’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗⬅️ 🙋 Q | What’s the difference between a brothel, sex club/party, and swingers club? Which one are you/would you be most into?😍 DETAILS | Calinheart LOVES sex, is very horny, and is fine bopping around the casual dating world getting her needs met by different guys, and is definitely open to a non-monogamous relationship. She loves sharing sex stories with (trusted) coworkers, is wildly wet and is a squirter, and has great stories about losing her virginity, kinda twice (once *in* a lake, once with her boyfriend), and drenching her flip-flops with squirt while bending over a park picnic table. She’s always been boy crazy and recalls early “tingly” feelings, didn’t get much sex-ed or privacy-wise growing up, and tells how she didn’t start touching herself until after partners showed her/told her to—and she’s loved benefitting from the mentorship of more experienced lovers, has gone through some happy ho phases, and can cum from a makeout session under the right circumstances. Calinheart wants her clit played with, her g-spot stimulated, neck kissed, nipples rubbed, ass spanked, and hair pulling every time (please), loves finding her edges and pushing them with a trusted partner. There are sex stories of parking lot blowjobs, her being a very down-for-fun wingwoman, playing with a married man and his wife who loved watching, and reconnections with former lovers whose skill, care, and dirty talk aged well with time.📈 STATS | 38-year-old straight white cis femme who is single and mingling, she’s open to monogamy, and lets casual partners know if she’s dating around. She is into hair pulling, spanking, and hearing what her partner enjoys—meaning she gets turned on talking about sexy details ahead of time AND ALSO real-time dirty whispers from a lover make her hot, wet, sometimes squirting, an engineering technician from Southern California.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place✅ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
61:59 02/12/2022
196 | Watching My Wife With Someone Else: Mickey’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE 🔗⬅️ 🙋 QUESTION | What’s the next step for ALL of us on the mission to make the world a sexier place?😍 DETAILS | Mickey had a good boy phase, a rock star phase, and is now in his 40’s living a mostly shame-free existence, ready to explore his more recently recognized poly and kinky parts, while balancing 24-hour shifts as an EMT, and four kids—luckily, he and his wife are awesome communicators. He tells us when his wife’s inner tiger comes out, how hot it’s been to explore other people together, and how he’s learned that it’s okay to want stuff, sexually—and how he’s practicing noticing and making space for his desire, especially in social spheres where it’s “normal” for a couple to enter a platonic relationship along with parenthood (or at least, kinky proclivities are judged to varying degrees if shared). Mickey had a fantastic consent talk from his mom alongside his brothers, complete with condom practice and clear understandings of consent and enthusiastic yeses, and he reflects on how that led to a level of hyper vigilance on his own part, especially when witnessing his female friends getting treated poorly by his friends who didn’t get a thorough talk, paving the way for a long-term relationship with his first partner, and then when he moved to Austin to be a drummer and was opening for bands like Slayer, he had people throwing themselves at him, and became a self-described monster fuckboy. He talks about the car crash that was a wake-up call for him, how he met his wife long-distance and how hot it was to touch someone for the first time where there was already deep connection, what it’s like to look over seeing her blowing another dude, how working with a kink and poly friendly therapist has been super helpful, and all the sexy explorations on their horizon.📈 STATS | 43 year old Irish-American Cis/Het/Male, married with four kids, identifies as polyamorous, likes the idea of sex parties, is into giving to partners, group sex—and dreams of a lifestyle of free love amongst friends—is newlyish exploring kink practicing receiving deeply, and is currently finally figuring out who he is as a sexual being. A professional musician for a decade and a half originally from NYC, he’s a paramedic in Texas.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place✅ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
84:21 25/11/2022
195 | Holding Onto My Squirt: Nicole’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗⬅️ 🙋 QUESTION | Is there some kind of sex toy or apparatus that you think should exist, but doesn’t yet, that you’d like to have?😍 DETAILS | Nicole is really horny, really really, and in-between stories of when she really started to feel womanly, what she’s dreaming of in a partner, what she’s done with her new titties and recent explorations as a first-time unicorn, and tells us of the disappointing casual trust breaches she’s finding in the dating world. Self-described as a woman with modern, old-fashioned values, she loves blowjobs, has some gag-related nervousness still, is open to exploring women more, and has a love/hate relationship with squirting, citing incidents of inconvenience. Nicole also tells us why she prefers physical touch to toys—except strap-ons (and by the end of the episode admits that butt plugs could very well be on the horizon), and she tells us of the anal explorations she’s already enjoyed. She reflects on navigating how to figure out talking about sex with her kids (who taught her and now Wyoh the term “throat goat”), explains just how receptive her pussy is, and shares favorites, like fishnets, lace, kissing, making out, being close, in the moment, nipples getting sucked til she comes, then she might drag ‘em across a leg for a blowjob—she’s great at details, and she’s as horny as she says.📈 STATS | 46-year-old white midwestern mom of three who has *no* relationship status, braving the dating world. She is into kissing and making out, dressing up in lingerie, giving blowjobs, squirting, requires pussy licking, and wants more bisplorations, a cake decorator from Wisconsin.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place✅ AG-1 | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by AG-1:🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
72:20 18/11/2022
194 | Primal Demi Daddy Dom: Kemosabe’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE: What do you love about Daddy energy? ⬅️📝 DETAILS | “The more stress I can take away from her the sluttier she gets for me.” He grew up Catholic and never got a sex talk or lesson in consent, but Kemosabe does remember late-night scramble porn in his pre-teen years, plus the first porn scene he saw, set at the beach, which kicked off his love of walking around naked outside, eventually with a boner. He remembers when masturbation explorations turned messy, shares about how hard he came with a partner the first time, and how simple handjobs can help him fall asleep. He enjoyed not committing to one lady in high school, but has always been a communicator and has been fueled by enjoyment of nurturing both partners and friends, and in his early adult years he moved to SoCal and started learning about sex beyond penetration, using mouths and hands to please his partners, learning from porn stars (he gives GREAT details at 00:21:25), and tells a great story about how his date’s friend walking in on them in the hotel room turned *awesome.* Kemosabe also shares about getting invited to a sex party at a local fet lounge, learning more about kink and BDSM, finding community in nakedness, sneaky public play—like hot under-the-table dinner fingerings that led to a popped trunk parking lot delight—and being the “practice material” for the teacher at a workshop on oral sex, and then he got invited to participate in a threesome on stage—and answer questions during it. He thinks it’s hot when his fiancée just takes what she wants, and when she gets cum-drunk, he can bite her and she’ll come again. She’s so into pain, so he loves offering her spanks, crops, clamps, plugs, dildos, playing with flashlights, getting tied up, and talks about the amazing community where they met—a kink group for Asian Americans he helped start.😍 QUESTION | Any short-term goals in your near future? // For Wyoh’s answers:📈 STATS | 33-year-old straight Asian American dude who is in a relationship of 3 years. He is a Daddy Dom who is into caretaking, exhibitionism, threesomes, and he has a strong oral fixation that goes both directions, an advisor for the Department of defense, joining us from the U.S. South.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: meet me at the 🎙 APPLY TO BE A GUEST here.✅ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Contact Wyoh directly for advertising inquiries. Unlock Exclusive Sex Stories audio content wherever you get your podcasts.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
59:35 11/11/2022
193 | Hotwife with a Double Vaginal Creampie Fantasy: Casey Donatello’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗 ⬅️ BRAINSTORM: what nice intro might *you* offer to a Stag/Vixen couple if you wanted to join them for an evening of play, or a gang-bang?📝 DETAILS | Casey Donatello feels sexiest in a group of cocks. She has embraced her personal slut, loves being her husband’s personal porn star, is a huge exhibitionist—and used to think sex felt horrible. Discovering her latex allergy changed everything, and now she’s 40, married, is sexually free and wild without apology. She’s a hotwife vixen, identifies as a swinger, and explains the difference between a stag and a cuck, how being secretly married fuels their Hotwife dynamic, how hard it can actually be to organize a gang bang, preferred protocol, how they go about organizing threesomes and group sex, and how getting started on onlyfans has only fueled turn-ons with her stag. Casey tells tales of groups of cocks surrounding her in hotel rooms as her husband looks on, her first threesome with two dudes where she had no idea what to do, the MMF where she met her now-husband (justwhen she was feeling like maybe she’d have to choose between kinky happiness and stable vanilla partnership!) how their rules about married partners have shifted over the years, when he decides to join in, and she gives details of their turn-ons and toys: body writing, super-aggressive face fucking, hot wax, leashes, collars, spreader bars, floggers, ball gags and so much more. She shares how lingerie, confidence and an open mind are her idea of sexy, plus fantasies of a big group raw gang-bang and dreams of future gang-bang ease.📈 STATS | 40-year-old straight cis femme who is married to a man she met in a kinky threesome with two dudes. She is a Hotwife Vixen with a fetish for double vaginal penetration, she’s into playing with multiple cocks, has a cum fetish, and loves sensory play, including hot wax. An erotic writer and adult content creator from New York.🔗 CASEY’S LINKS | Instagram @Inbedwithstrangers.official // OnlyFans @hotwifelife869 // Amazon author page.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: meet me at the 🎙 APPLY TO BE A GUEST here.🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
64:34 04/11/2022
192 | Squirting Mission Accomplished: Bret’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗⬅️ What would you want to do in Wyoh’s mobile dungeon? 📝 DETAILS | Brett loves to offer his wife pleasure and feels sexiest during postcoital cuddles. His dad taught him to always respect a partner’s boundaries, his friends had a great treehouse full of adult magazines, his first visual guide to understanding sex, but reading the articles is what led to his first boner, and everything upleveled for his friend group when one of them got his hands on a VHS porno. Early experiences included misfires due to lack of condom preparedness, handcuffs and tickling with clothed making out, being undressed and masturbated by a partner who told him what to do. He will always remember the date of his first penetration and the underwear his partner wore, and tells stories about being happily surprised by a threesome and implicit, clear communication in the form of an outfit change request, his first blowjob (in the shower, on the day of a job interview), important lessons around anal, surprises, and explicit communication, and his methods for studying up on sex. He also shares his favorite position for a blowjob, his dad’s Golden Pussy philosophy, being the center of attention in a threesome and the excitement of rules changing from one night to the next, and what it was like to tour with a femme rock band. He talks about holding space for his partner who is currently processing her own trauma, dreams of orgies, nostalgia for porn with storylines, and hopes for a consistent third and more awesome hotness with his wife.😍 QUESTION | You've kind of talked a lot about doing the whole mobile dungeon. Is that still a goal for you?📈 STATS | 49-year-old straight dude, he is kinda monogamously married to his partner of 11 years, they sometimes enjoy threesomes together, and he is into CFNM—which means clothed female naked male, as well as, exhibitionism and retro porn. A customer service phone agent from Tennessee.🚀➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: meet me at the 🎙➡️ APPLY TO BE A GUEST here.✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
63:21 28/10/2022
191 | Cake Dick: Dr Kyle’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗⬅️ What kind of food do you want to bring into the bedroom, and/or what tutorial would *you* want to see Dr. Kyle make?😍 DETAILS | | Kyle loves sharing details about his sex life—including what it was like to have monkeypox (details on tiktok @drkyledean), and he’s doing his part to make the world a sexier place by working as a sexual empowerment coach. He shares why he thinks authenticity is sexy, when meeting a partner’s desires makes him feel sexy, and has a hot chocolate syrup story he uses to illustrate how food can also sometimes be sexy. Limited sex ed and highly effective scary HIV education led him to initially swear off sex, but luckily it doesn’t last, and he tells us stories of living in Las Vegas, what it’s like to use dating apps in Sin City, where sneaky public sex is often possible, and walks us through the SPREAD talk, a framework for safer sex that includes Sexual Health, Preferences, Relationship Status, Emotions, Ask Your Partner, and Desires, and then talks about his training both in sacred sexuality and physical therapy. And then, stories: jerking off onto the wall as a kid, sticking his dick in a frozen cake, growing up around queer people, being a late bloomer, a freezing nervous virginity loss, and how a breakup led to lots of college sex that reflected to him: he was *good* at it, and it got him attention, and he reflects on how his lack of self-love and not knowing how to communicate made deeper connection elusive, and monogamy culture added confusing messages, and the type of growth-oriented work his done to address his trauma, and that led to partners encouraging him to teach other people about sex—because he loves it. And then, he tells us details of what he loves: creating a safe space for partners, and playing. We talk squirting, breath work, ticklishness, going slow, sensory play, light BDSM, a threesome that helped him find a magical spot on his foot, cock worship preferences, a take-it-or-leave-it anal attitude, prostatitis and how it makes anal play uncomfy, a consent-based threesome surprise, being a straight dude in a threesome with another dude, CNC play, his onlyfans and educational content, fantasies of future group play, hopes for conscious primary partnership, and details of how you can work with him.📈 STATS | 30 year old cis dude from New York who is heterosexual & bisensual, unpartnered, and is into erotic bodywork, CNC, breeding, public play, and groupsex. A Sex Empowerment Coach, Sexy Content Creator & Doctor Of Physical Therapy, Kyle sees clients online & in person, helping to empower women & men whom are longing for deeper Sexual Expression, to Embrace Their Intimate Desires Safely 🔗 LINKS | / / @drkyledean🙋 QUESTION | What type of food has Wyoh brought in the bedroom?🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
55:04 21/10/2022
190 | Cross-Dressing & Man Thongs: Chase's Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗⬅️ What do *you* either love and/or want to change about your communication with your partner(s)? 😍 DETAILS | Chase has been with his for 13 years and towards the beginning of it, sexual shame was high, but now it’s barely there, replaced by lots of sexy conversations outside the bedroom with plenty of inspiration from erotic novels and sexy podcasts so they’re still sharing hot “firsts” together. He shares the details of what he finds sexy: confidence, butts, trust-building, shared intimacy, wearing his wife’s things, encouraging her to wear extra-skimpy things while on vacation, man thongs, open communication, being a voyeur of his wife in their own home, anal play, taboo fantasies, and shared goals of lifelong sexplorations. He also talks about how cross-dressing and wearing tight clothes make him feel sexy, meeting people in chat rooms who also liked talking about sex, what happened when he stumbled across a co-worker on a craigslist personals ad, the tough parts of dating a mormon girl, the ease of fooling around once they moved out of their parents’, details of his wife’s first orgasm, how openly they communicate about desire, and how taking penetration off the table has led to so much hotness. Other stories include coming out to his wife as bisexual, and the details of their mutual masturbation. Curious from a young age, he recalls formative experiences seeing other bodies for the first time, discovering pleasure on a linoleum floor, how he learned masturbation was “wrong” before he ever had a word for it, what truth-or-dare with neighborhood kids led to, what happened when he hit puberty before an early exploration friend, what watching soft core porn in junior high taught him about his own penis, and his first shaky hookup attempt with a dude in high school.📈 STATS | A 34-year-old bisexual male; he’s into cross-dressing, cum play, and has a masturbation fetish. Monogamous and married to his wife of ten years (and still exploring so much new together), a warehouse worker from Utah.🚀➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: meet me at the 🎙➡️ APPLY TO BE A GUEST here.✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: 🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
61:40 14/10/2022
189 | Primal Body Worship with Daddy: Jessiy’s Sex Stories
🗣 COMMENT HERE🔗⬅️➡️ QUESTION | What has been your favorite sexual experience, and what has been your favorite nonsexual experience that has led to a surprising sexual experience?😍 DETAILS | “Nothing can’t be used for impact play.” Jessiy is a brat who gives us details of her funishments (thuddy) and punishments (stingy pain) and the phrases she uses to initiate more bratty play. Early years included seeking validation through sex and partnered trauma, and she talks about reconnecting with her body, building slowly, and says that her sex life has been the most profound part of her mental health journey. We get details about how connection and intimacy are important to her, and how she discovered kink for herself, nipple pinching a gateway to discovering pleasure and pain, and also get to hear about her favorite vibrators, and using a rabbit for double penetration-esque masturbations. She needs clit stimulation, gives incredible details about touching her pussy, and tells us about passing love notes to other girls when she was younger. We get to hear the intense way she reconnected with her partner, how she slowly felt into whether or not he was kinky, and get to hear about the amazing results: so much outdoor playtime (lots of forests), breeding, love-hate relationships with belts, how supportive he can be for her day-to-day life as a Daddy Dom, and what it’s like to manage a dynamic that is also a relationship when they live an hour and a half apart. And her advice to her younger self (and all of us) at the end is fucking spot on.📈 STATS | Bisexual female in her early 30’s; she’s a brat with a praise kink who is in a 24/7 D/s dynamic with her partner of 2 years, she’s into primal play, restraints, impact play, and breeding, a firefighter from Australia.🚀 JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / 🎙apply to be a guest / meet me at the www.Creation.Place🗣🍑💦🍆💦😈🙌 REMEMBER TO SHARE SEX STORIES.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
51:43 07/10/2022
188 | Jerking off Into the Sunset: Caleb’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | “As for me though, I’ve had all kinds of things in my ass” -Caleb. He is pansexual, poly, thinks human body sequence is sexy, and recently experienced anal on the active end for the first time, and is still getting comfortable with dude partners. Caleb tells us about his shame-y origins: guilt-teaching Catholicism and twice-a-week bible class, but also learned to touch himself “until there was a mess” and ended up having his formative intimate experiences when he was a counselor at a Christian summer camp. He talks about sneaking dates into camp, and also about sneaking out in the middle of the night to drive a distance to his partner’s for all-night fuckings, getting home just before his parents would wake up. We also get to hear about the time he thought he lost his virginity, the partner who could tell he hadn’t, his favorite condoms for his 8 and a half inch cock, practicing talking about what feels good to partners, handjobs vs. blowjobs and the focus he love receiving on his tip plus hands-free orgasms with a magic wand under his dick, getting his partner’s ass ready, exploring his prostate, sex in a Volkswagen Beetle, how much he loves making out (with a compatible style of kissing), nipple play, the yummy vs. overstimulating physical touch, using camping knots to create bed restraints, plus his future hopes for even more group exploration, visiting Oasis (a Toronto sex club), and more outdoor sex.➡️ QUESTION | What was it like when you met your first Master? What was the conversation on FetLife like?➡️ STATS | 24 year old caucasian cis male; he is pansexual, is currently in a polyamorous relationship with one partner, and is actively dating. He likes touching, sucking and fucking, is a switch, and goes back and forth depending on his mood from Dom to sub (and has recently been deliciously submissive), he really likes giving oral, and making his partner feel good is what gets him going. Currently he works in a factory, assembling furniture, his passion is being outdoors, camping and hiking. From Toronto Ontario, currently living in the Kawartha lakes region.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity / apply to be a Sex Stories guest: ✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
59:53 30/09/2022
187 | She Tied Up My Junk Like I Never Imagined: Wil’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Wil loves to surprise his wife with massages so she can relax, and has learned a ton about moving energy in sexy ways. Boundaries and confidence are sexy, and he’s open to noticing turn-on in everyday life. He shares how learning about tantra has influenced his experience and understanding of sex, his own sexual energy, and has influenced his ability to communicate about it. His early sex life included fear-based sex ed, and then real-life hard stuff: nervousness around hardness and getting laughed at, getting first chlamydia then HPV fairly early on in his partnered sex life, and initially struggling to figure out how to connect. However! Recent years have included surprising his wife with a former boyfriend (that led to a hot threesome), a year of solo poly, meeting his wife at a music festival, going to dungeons together, and exploring their edges, discovering what exactly they want to grow into together. He tells stories about hiding dirty magazines in baggy pants, how he realized connection and safety are vital for the kind of (deep, kinky) sex he ultimately wants, how that’s related to his hard-on, and what he learned from hiring sex workers on his cross-country road trip. He also reminds Wyoh OM-ing is on her bucket list, goes into details of how he likes to pleasure a partner, talks about what it’s like to have sex as he gets older, and speaks to the evolution of his ability to connect deeply and intentionally with his partners, which at one point included a bath facilitated for him by two beautiful goddesses, to help him practice receiving. Wil also talks about exploring with men, anal, and the feelings of uncertainty that come up for him, as well as the types of touch his body loves, porn phases he’s gone through and the specifics of what he finds erotic, and how his interests in leather work and rope are part of the power dynamic he and his wife have, what exploring more looks like, and this one hot time with a blindfold and a lot of incredible sensations.➡️ QUESTION | Do you have any sexy memories from the orange orchards growing up?➡️ STATS | 57 year-old married cis man, he is mostly straight but is pan-curious, and he’s into leather work and ropes; a certified Tantra educator, massage practitioner, journeyman and electrician originally from Central California—and in fact, Wyoh’s hometown,.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity:➡️ APPLY TO BE A GUEST | Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
65:00 23/09/2022
186 | Dick in My Mouth, Boobs on My Face: Princess’ Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Princess is not ashamed about sex, loves her kinky queer polyamorous life, and is navigating finding safe, satisfying, sex-positive community in Nigeria, where homosexuality is illegal—and she used to simmer in monogamous Disney Princess romance desires. She’s a research-based lover whose experiences have included lots of enthusiastic yeses, and lots of slowness that has led to hotness—as well as a lot of hot conversation that has led to hot physical action. Sex is part of Princess’ rebellion against the slut-shamey purity culture (that doesn’t apply to Nigerian dudes), and explains why she’s the “naughty” one of the family, sneaking to meet (or blow) boyfriends—and getting caught. We hear details of her sex life since going to University, how she learned to masturbate after having partnered sex for the first time—and squirted, and how she now creams more than squirts. 50 Shades of Grey was her introduction to kink (but not how you’d think), and she shares how she researched more on her own, so that by the time she met her now-Dom, she was ready and knew what she wanted. She offers stories in classrooms, hot group sex and hot consent culture of almost-group sex, and some surprising triumphs—SO many thoughtful conversational details, and stories of trying to pick up women as a girl, how she realized she’s “such a boob person,” how she puts her massage skills to work, plus the specifics of her facial fantasy that includes a mirror and her Dom, the best head she’s ever gotten, and how she’s grown to love his spit in her mouth. He is supportive of and turned on by her harlotry, and she talks about playing with blindfolds, nipple clamps, a whip, vibrators, butt plugs, and how she wants to explore anal and rope in the future.➡️ QUESTION | What about tantra???➡️ STATS | 20-year-old Nigerian cis-woman. She identifies as Queer and is in a polyamorous relationship with her Dom who loves to praise her and call her Princess. She has the hots for group sex, rope bondage, role play, impact play, BDSM, and a budding interest in fisting. She is a student architect and product designer, from Lagos, Nigeria.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: ✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
84:47 16/09/2022
185 | Tactile Turn-Ons & a Love of Sploshing: James' Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | “What if I wanna play with my food?” James’ love of sploshing illustrates *exactly* why learning from primary sources is so awesome. He’s happily 25-years vanilla married and shares so many sex stories about how he’s becoming more active at his local swinger’s club to take care of his kinky parts. He shares his sploshing origin stories, and shares *excellent* details about the messes he’s made and the foods he’s played with, including: eggs, banana, maple syrup, Big Macs (guess where he put them!!!!), beans (guess where he squished them!!!), instant mashed potatoes (guess what the best splosh temp is!), melted ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, pies (pumpkin, chocolate cream, coconut cream), peanut butter and chocolate sauce, plus his current cake fantasy. James considers himself submissive, “available to pleasure others,” and talks about how his appreciation for being told what to do turned into a golden shower (or golden splash?) session, plus the other hot stuff his play Domme has done (like tie him to a chair, totally trash him, and then lay him down, put a cake on his…well, just listen). He has plenty of non-splash details too, and is a sensual lover who really loves touch. He shares swingers club play details that include anal fisting, group play in private rooms, his first cocksplorations, dual nipple sucking, specifics of the butt stuff he likes, more hot Dommes, and a really fun, hot ending to a dress-up night. He teaches Wyoh how easy it can be to be in a dynamic-less, vanilla place of pleasure, shares leash fantasies, glory hole experiences, how important connection is to him, and his only real sexual fear? Running out of new things to explore.➡️ QUESTION | What’s Wyoh’s motivation for Sex Stories?➡️ STATS | 56-year-old bi-curious white dude who has been married for over 25 years. Into group sex, golden showers, power play, and has been exploring sploshing, he works in IT and is from Toronto, a 1-2 on the shame-o-meter.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: | Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
63:23 09/09/2022
184 | Squeeze to Orgasm: Freebird’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Freebird is in a new, kinky chapter. She has a husband she loves deeply, a long-distance lover she’s exploring her submissive side with, and is replacing the fear and shame of the abstinence-only purity culture she grew up in with pleasure. Growing up, sex was something scary, and concept of consent was like a feeling of being on guard—a stark contrast to her current hot, clear negotiations with kinky play partners as she is building her kinky community. Freebird tells us tales of the 4 types of orgasms she has (Squeeze, Rolling, Exploding and Superintense-sometimes-Squirt), about learning to love her body, taking herself out on dates, including full, elaborate masturbation sessions, and talks about initiating the conversation about opening up her marriage with her husband, and what it was like to get on the apps, dating in parallel with her husband for the first time. Then, Freebird gives details of how and where she loves to receive and how a mouth will make her come, the lesson in patience learned from a beautiful butt plug, how they love servicing partners, their awesome curved glass dildos, what it’s been like to explore CNC with safe partners, hot long-distance play, flogging, biting, nipple play, clamps, hands, restraints, gaining experience with thud-y things, praise and attention, plus her transitions from regular work-and-family-life to lover-land, the group sex that is on her horizon, finding sexy community aligned with her values, and balancing all of that.➡️ QUESTION | What do you think we should do to help make the world a sexier place?➡️ STATS | 39-year-old polyamorous white queer cis-woman who lives with her life partner and kids, has a 2nd committed partnership, and dates casually. She’s fairly new to the kinky scene, and so far leans pretty submissive—she enjoys being restrained, choked, smacked, bitten, and loves rough sex. Joining us from the Pacific Northwest.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: | ✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
55:15 02/09/2022
183 | Anthology of a Slut: Jenna’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Jenna is a negative INFINITY on the shame-o-meter in spite of Catholic roots and a lack of sex ed, a vacuum created a space for their neurodivergent self to be slutty (in small-town Ohio terms), and their kinksplorations began in high school with a partner who introduced her to consensual, safe ways to experience pain after a shitty traumatic assault experience that was her first with a partner. In college, freshly 18, she had a partial live-in 24/7 D/s Master/slave dynamic with a man 40 years her senior who set clear, high, consent-awesome standards of negotiation that has carried into Jenna’s current relationships, which are manifold, and they talk about their active life in the swinging community, how much they love group sex, how they negotiate and handle boundaries, what they love about a group of femmes in a bed together, and how they navigate all the social relationships and communication required as a very horny, kinky, sex-loving neurodivergent human (autism + ADHD), and how they handle and even play with overstimulation. They talk about developing kinky community through both fetlife and in-person workshops and events, and share details of their multiple hot, well-communicated awesome relationships happening right now (couples and power play and online & more!!!). Jenna also shares details of her current submissive side (she/her), as well as details of the submissive they met on tinder that they are training, what it’s like to be 6’2” and actually switchy, and how they like to make people CRY.➡️ QUESTION | If you could pick your ideal sexual relationship/relationship as a whole, what would it be like?➡️ STATS | 29 year old Gender-Indifferent Bisexual, a solo-poly person. Trained catholic, converted Jew, and currently "sex-spiritual" who uses she/her or they/them pronouns. A dominant-leaning switch, they are currently in a D/s relationship, on the “s” side of the slash, and also have a long-term friend with benefits. She’s also currently a cuckoldress and is training a submissive online. There are *very* few kinks that they *don't* like, but their favorites are heavy impact play, rope, dacryphilia (making people cry), exhibitionism, sensory play, and religion. A sex/kink education enthusiast, and an artist/writer who lives in central Ohio:@DamnItJenna (personal IG)@thekinkyabstract (art IG)@asirenforaking (sub IG)@damnitfuto on FetLife➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: // Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
70:43 26/08/2022
182 | Public Sex All Over: Marty’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Marty is an 8 on the shame-o-meter—but it completely disappears once he’s in bed. Still, he can’t figure out if he’s “normal” or pervy and weird, because no one really talked about it when he was growing up, including safer sex. He started young, in 6th grade, fooling around with a girlfriend, naked, with blowjobs, pussy worship, and public play (even Kmart) since they had no place to go. That early thrill has led to theaters, work, and even a gondola (cable car) ride, in other peoples’ apartments, and in the car, where ice-on-nipples led to the best viewpoint stop ever. We hear about his girlfriend whose mom was down with wine, weed, and whatever they wanted to do, his sudden first blowjob experience, whether or not “vanilla” has a negative connotation, and reflects on how his shame grow as he grew older—since he and his first wife (who he got pregnant at 17) had tons of experimental group sex that wasn’t particularly monogamous, but was never explicitly discussed, either. Marty shares the joy of 17 years of awesome, committed sex with his second wife, the struggles of online dating while leading a busy life at work, talks fantasies, exploring assholes (both as giver and receiver), happy ending massages, erotic photography, his experience being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his 40’s and how that has affected his understanding of self and his sex life, a great discussion about his bi-curiosity and heteroflexibility, feelings as a self-designated small penis owner, and SO MANY hot sexy details.➡️ QUESTION | How the EFF do we use dental dams?! (PUBLIC THIS WEEK / not sponsored by Lorals but they are awesome: ➡️ STATS | 61-year-old white hispanic heteroflexible male, his kinks are public sex, exhibitionism, taking nude photos of women, and dirty talk, a manager of a busy downtown restaurant from Washington State in the beautiful Pacific NW➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: | ✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
69:53 19/08/2022
181 | Chase My Pleasure, Not My Orgasm: Susanne’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Susanne knows exactly what she wants now, and has spent the last year going after it. After almost two decades of marriage, she had a sudden realization that she was not living freely as herself, had fallen out of love with her husband, and wanted a divorce. In the last year, her sex life and relationship to her desire has completely shifted, and she shares how she’s been on the path to making all her sexy dreams come true. Before she shares details for her love of anal and quite possibly the best first blowjob story ever (think: the most romantic international fantasy possible), she talks about her unmet need for attention growing up, and how it led to an adolescence and young adulthood of conflating sexual attention for love, and having as much sex as possible. She shares how her relationship to her body and touch have changed in this new-feeling space of full self-acceptance, tells us about the super hot kinky new relationship she’s thriving in, and shares a super genius piece of insight, when she told her parter to aim for her pleasure instead of her orgasm, and the hotness it led to. Timestamps below!➡️ QUESTION | Have you gotten your DP yet???➡️ STATS | 47-year-old heteroflexible cis femme who is in a new relationship that’s a few weeks old and she’s into deepthraoting, anal, and BDSM—specifically being Dominated so she doesn’t have to think, impact play, touch, and a bit of degradation, a Team Leader who works in sales, from Denmark.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: | ➡️ TIME STAMPS | (00:08:37) Early memories teaching her friend to masturbate in his garage, plus the book from the library every kid wanted(00:11:07) Masturbation history & specifics, how she craved attention and became a “bad girl” (00:13:32) early experiences, needing more attention, conflating sex with love; it felt like a drug and a series of boyfriend hookups before she ran away to Norway; started to take care of herself. Decided she wanted family, wanted love, and kids—and met her husband(00:19:06) Faking appendicitis to get attention when she was 10 (00:21:55) Stable marriage years, vanilla in spite of kinky inklings, obligation feelings led them to explore sexually(00:26:19) BEAUTIFUL experiences looking each other in the eyes during threesomes and foursomes!!! Double penetration fantasies and the 10-second real-life experience she’s had, explosion of fantasies: group sex, anal, being pinned down. (00:30:33] Deep connection with her husband, but not freedom. She became conscious she was faking it, and had a 3 AM lightning bolt moment of clarity—she needed a divorce. They are the best of friends today, and it was hard[00:35:05] FREEDOM OF SEX: a three-month explosion of horniness. Sex Stories and sex dates and getting what she wanted led to first kink experiences and learning more about her own needs and boundaries.(00:38:23) First Dom experience: finding her boundaries by discovering what she didn’t want(00:42:31) Even if I like to be slapped and hit, you have to also give me pleasure and get me horny. Her new partner seems promising; they’re in the trust-building phase(00:45:22) Current juiciest details! Now she’s a waterfall; she can let go, including her asshole. She can cum super fast alone—so far, not so much with new partners.(00:47:53) Recent lovers and the hotness of let-go sexual energy: CHASING PLEASURE(00:51:11) A deep throat awakening + details!!!00:53:02) Nipples: from no-go to volcano of turn-on.(00:54:20) How giving oral sex turns her on, and being wet and used all over.(00:56:09) Fisting fantasies.(00:56:46) Heteroflexibility and experiences as a unicorn with a Dom/sub couple; what she loves about threesomes.(00:58:41) Sexting/nudes? And nudes vs. videos and when to share.(01:00:00) Are you into porn—? YES. Degrading, spanking, BDSM videos. Plus shame over rape fantasy, and a funny CNC fail, and a win.(01:03:27) The Best Thing: and, no orgasm.(01:05:17) Trust & Safety Hotness example(01:06:24) New interesting kinky things make it hard for Wyoh to orgasm, even though *pleasure* is hiiiiigh, but just wants to enjoy and feel it, and let the orgasms come when they do.(01:08:40) AN AMAZINGLY HOT ROMANTIC SEX STORY that includes the Spanish Stairs, a Motorcycle, a handsome stranger, and the Coliseum in Rome!!!!!!!(01:11:36) Hopes for your sexy future?(01:13:01) Sex advice to younger-you?Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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180 | Foot Worship, Cumming on Cocks & Birthday Butt Plugs: Ace’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Ace can only make herself cum with her left hand (even though she’s right-handed), loves getting rubbed while in doggie, and has a partner with similarly high desire for sex—so she’s pretty fucking satisfied right now. She likes a lot of tongue (everywhere), does an amazing job describing the difference between pussy orgasms and assgasms, and shares a tittyfucking position that is excellent for femmes with titties of a certain size. She grew up shy with big boobs and a mom who gave very clear lessons in consent with a very open (but grownups-only) attitude toward sex, so safer-sex conversations are straightforward and non-negotiable for her now. She had early learning experiences as she discovered she was a happily sexual person who loved being touched, and where she learned that she can come internally with certain lovers. She also shares about being raped by someone close to her family, and the therapy and support she’s received from her support system. Her current boyfriend is super supportive, “careful, sweet and so nasty,” and she has come to super duper love facials (avoid eyes!), and: she has a foot fetish. And it goes both ways. She tells the details of just how much it turns her on, and how she also does love nonsexual touch and cuddling, how she started deep throating more easily, what she does when she wants her partner to fuck her mouth, how much she loves pink dicks, birthday butt plugs and beads, and how she loves being handcuffed, and has a huge police officer/jail cell fantasy.➡️ QUESTION | When was your first “real” sex experience, and when did you learn how to really please yourself?➡️ STATS | 23-year-old straight cis female in a monogamous hetero relationship with a partner of 2 years. She has a foot fetish, is into anal, and is super into the idea of full-on dress-up role play, and gets turned on by the idea of watching, a legal assistant living in New Jersey.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: ✅➡️ GET BETTERHELP | This episode of Sex Stories is sponsored by BetterHelp: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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179 | Secret Ponytail Signals & a 24/7 Dynamic: Moonlight’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Moonlight has “done a little bit of it all” and while her current wise self wishes there had been more waiting and growth, she shares how her early experiences, even the tough ones, helped her figure out so much about what she likes, needs, and doesn’t want. She grew up in the conservative-ish South, and had awkward-if-supportive experiences with adults she could trust and turn to if needed. Moonlight talks about feigning stomachaches to go to the bathroom to masturbate, an 8th-grade drug-induced first, a second experience in 9th grade with two girlfriends at a sleepover, her rocky, ultimately abusive first relationship which she escaped from, FetLife safety advice, how turned on she got at her first big sex party (at a hotel!), and seeing intense impact play in real life turned her on. She also tells us about celebrating her 22nd birthday topless in public for the first time and experiencing both impact and fireplay, and then takes us into what it’s like to be in her 24/7 dynamic: the distinctions between her submissive and little self, the gushy intensely beautiful love she has with her partner, how their dynamic is flexible to shift into whatever they need in a given period of their life, and how they handle consent and communication when her desire is to “dissolve her no’s” with someone she utterly trusts. We also get to learn their secret meaning of ponytails and certain other clothing items, talks about wanting to explore both sensory deprivation and the dominant parts of herself, and she and Wyoh bond over the delicious ease that kink can offer when explicit agreements are in place.➡️ US National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233➡️ QUESTION | Ass-to-mouth recommendations?➡️ STATS | 26-year-old Korean-American cis female, she is bisexual, collared in a committed 24/7 DD/lg&sub dynamic —that’s a Daddy Dom/little girl submissive dynamic of 3-ish years, and she’s into blowjobs, sensation play, edging, and TPE—total power exchange. A Stay at Home mom from the South, welcome Moonlight.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
68:38 29/07/2022
178 | Daddy Eyes & the Sound of Squirt: Doll’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Doll given up on being partnered to her Dom, but after a magical first time in the back of a jeep with her now-wife, Doll says she “can’t imagine it being any better.” They have sex that makes all right with the world again, where she feels like a golden bird. She’s her wife’s favorite toy, but she’s not just a toy—and she tells us of the ways she is adored and taken care of so that she can let go into pure bliss, with a partner who can dirty talk her into being ready. Doll’s nipples need hard touches, and slaps on her clit are amazing. She tells us how she likes neck nibbles, bites and kisses, loves to be touched, she has a brat streak that will always lead her to find a rule to bend. She also tells us about her love for thick, thud-y leather straps, howshe gets super duper love-y for about three days after a good session, and the time she forgot other people were in a shared room while going down on a partner, and only remembered when she overhead one dude mention it in awe. We also talk about hard stuff: how a lack of clear information around sex at a young age led to ignorant, curious exploration that later led her to fear she was a monster. We also talk about sub-drop, and how self-esteem affects our ability to choose healthy relationships with safety boundaries, and she shares her personal story about her first kinky relationship and the danger of getting into an intensely kinky dynamic without clear agreements, boundaries, safe words, or knowing anything about negotiation. She shares how the relationship became physically and emotionally abusive, and talks about the experience of having her own vulnerable dark sexual fantasies used against her. Then there is therapy, and healing, and a period of exploration where she tried sleeping with dudes, and talk about how she is truly so happy right now group sex isn’t much of a priority, but is open to being a rope bunny and continuing to just enjoy everything with her amazing wife.➡️ US National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233➡️ QUESTION | If you were to describe the perfect relationship for you, what would that look like?➡️ STATS | 37-year-old cis femme who is a submissive brat, she’s into flogging, spanking, and doing it in public places. A tarot reader who works a day job to pay bills, she recently married her Dom and love of her life, from the US South.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity:➡️ GET BETTERHELP | Support yourself & Sex Stories: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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177 | A True Switch: Emma’s Sex Stories
➡️ DETAILS | Trigger Warning: rape | “If you want me to hurt you, please let me hurt you” is what Emma says about her ability to take a bottom apart and put them back together again. But she has a sweet, soft, subby side, too. In fact, Emma likes to be the “ice cream” in the ice cream sandwich of her king-sized bed, which she often shares with her husband and girlfriend/future wife. Sex shame originated in her Catholic Appalachian upbringing that wasn’t information-forward when it came to sex, and it was only after meeting her husband that she found resources for better birth control. But she was kinky as far back as she can remember, making lists of things to “do” to her dolls that concerned her sweet mom plenty. She found her parent’s sex toys under the bed when she was pretty young and started to put the pieces together, and noticed in middle school that her fantasies about what she wanted cute boys to do to her were more intense than the romance fantasies of her friend group, and while her parents have always been full of love for her no matter who or how many people she’s dated (and no, her mom is *not* a submissive with a 50’s housewife kink which Emma knows because she asked), but recognizing her own queerness wasn’t obvious for her, in spite of the fact that she was utterly captivated by a vagina-owner she met in high school, her now partner, and she shares about how her understanding of her own queerness, Top self, and gender identity were affected by body dysmorphia and the dainty mainstream norms of “femininity.” We get high school details of her long-distance kinky, cupcake-smearing explorations and the pokey hips of virginity loss, made possible by a family reunion. We hear about her true switch self, getting turned on by both sides of being restrained, especially by rope, and hear how she developed as a rigger, and why she doesn’t bottom (rope or otherwise) as much as she’d like…for now. We talk about the details of their kind of poly—with fewer moving pieces and google calendars, and how satisfying this version is. Emma also shares her complicated, sometimes unpopular opinion on rape and the societal pieces that make it so complicated to talk about, reflecting upon her own experience. And she’s a fucking *champ* at details of all kinds, we talk pleasure specifics, play parties, anal, oral, future fantasies and more.➡️ QUESTION | What is the most surprising sexual experience you’ve had? Where afterwards, you were lust like, WHOA?➡️ STATS | 29-year-old American femme, she is Bi & Poly, Married to her husband who she’s been with for 8 years, and is in a long term relationship with her gender nonconforming girlfriend (who she’s been seeing off and on since high school and hopes will become wife someday). She is very proud of her full, poly switchy lifestyle and loves Rope, kink and BDSM, CNC role play fantasies and edge play. Born and raised in Apple-achuhhh, now a teacher in the Bible Belt.➡️ JOIN THE MISSION | Explore (y)our creativity: Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
76:20 15/07/2022