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A Pilgrims Podcast - Cornwall

A Pilgrims Podcast follows the founder of Psyche and Soul, a start-up creative platform for artists and activists, on a pilgrimage through the UK where he visits Community Supported Agriculture Farms, Schools and Religious places to have powerful conversations about our changing world. This particular series focuses on Cornwall!


EpisodeThirteen - Agnishala and the need to heal!
Episode thirteen was recorded right at the end of my walk in Cornwall. The lovely light being Jez shares his deep journey into self-healing, yoga, ecstatic dance and shamanic practices. It is an episode that is filled with diverse perspective rooted in LOVE!  
81:36 25/03/22
Episode Twelve: Planting Futures with Addy Fern
Episode Twelve was such a blessing to sit and record with Addy Fern, the woman behind Plants for a Future. Addy delivers us a powerful talk she gave to students at the Eden Project and gives us an in depth overview of Plants for a Future and what they have managed to achieve on their regenerated land in Cornwall. Take out your notebook or buy their book from the link below!  
62:00 21/11/21
Episode 11: Ancestral Passions with Barry Pound
Episode 11 sees us in conversation with Barry Pound, a farmer with a passion for farming as he explains his ancestral roots in farming stretch back a thousand years ago. His story is a powerful one and his desire to collaborate in the transition to regenerative and community led farming moving forward.  
41:19 04/11/21
Episode Ten: Historic Landscapes with Pete Herring
Episode Ten dives into the realms of archeology and the history of landscapes and how they are shaped with Pete Herring. A significant take home is the reminder of how land was used communally before the enclosures act with an interesting view on how we can glean from the successes of these times and merge them with our modern world.    
84:07 25/10/21
Episode Nine: Changing the Narrative with Jessica Strongman
Episode Nine is short but packs a punch as Jess talks about the work she does at Chaos Farm on the Roseland peninsula. A significant take home is what Jess did to overcome barriers at food banks to ensure families get fresh produce.     
11:04 20/10/21
Episode Eight: Hospitality Market Gardening with Jamie Hext
Episode Eight sees Luke on the Roseland peninsula and in conversation with Jamie Hext, a young man with a huge vision to provide the local hospitality sector with fresh, local organic produce. Jamie also highlights the family farm and shows an interest in the innovative field labs Katie Bliss mentioned in Episode Six!  @roselandmarketgarden  
24:43 15/10/21
Episode Seven: Goonown Growers with Sally and Ed
Episode Seven has Sally and Ed speak a truthful reality of being a market gardener in today's marketplace. The sound of the oven in the background should be recognised as the kindness of a meal shared between us and the randomised location the podcasts are being recorded.  
30:53 11/10/21
Episode Six: Loving the Land with Katie Bliss
Episode Six has Katie Bliss, an agroecological researcher and passionate woman on the ground implementing change speak on some profound research going on within the field and on the field. Katie also talks on her involvement with Love Land, a community led food growing initiative in Penryn, Cornwall grown out of the Falmouth Food Coop.  @agricology  
88:40 07/10/21
Episode Five: Intentional Forest Gardening with Simon Miles
Episode Five dives in to some deep realms as Simon Miles brings our attention to the power of intention and manifestation, the importance of biology within forest gardening, what's possible for us all moving forward and the willingness of Cornish farmers to transition into regenerative practices. This episode is certainly uplifting and filled with so much knowledge, a notepad is recommended.    
69:23 30/09/21
Episode Four: Mobilisation of the Church with Euan Mcfee
Episode Four of A Pilgrims Podcast is in conversation with Euan McFee, an experienced ecologist and lifelong Christian who sheds light on the mobilisation of the Church in England. He speaks are hard truth that perhaps a lot of Christian leaders need to face which may also provide hope and begin rekindling the relationship between those of us who still hold Christianity as a whole with disregard. Could this be the beginning of a generation recognising the truth and love that rests at the centre of faith and mobilise a force so large in number that reformation could be just round the corner?     
14:23 26/09/21
Episode 3: A Journey into Agroecology with Sophie Carrell
Episode 3 elevates the voice a powerful young woman, Sophie Carrel, who is on the ground working the land using agroecological principles at Holifield Farm Project, Gweek, Cornwall. Sophie expresses honestly about her journey into getting to where she is today, a journey which I am sure resonates with a majority of us and is ultimately a call to all of us to step out into the world and act in new ways and come together to work towards a better world regardless of what our minds are telling us.  
56:29 21/09/21
Episode Two: Soul-ful Farm-ing with Laurence Jarrett-Kerr
This episode looks at how a social mission to feed people becomes the work of the soul at Soul Farm, a CSA near Falmouth. We hear from Laurence, the founder of the project and get an insight into the concept of soulful farming amongst other topics.
25:48 09/09/21
Introduction with Jake Everson
The first episode introduces Psyche and Soul and the pilgrimage the founder and host is about to embark on. Jake also brings his passion to the table as he discusses his own mission reviving the bridleways in the UK.  
46:29 03/09/21