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Podcast & YouTube Series - chats with members of the Power Platform, Dynamics and Microsoft community. Sitting down, getting cosy and catching


Episode 6 - Sara Lagerquist
In Episode 6 of 365 Community Chats, I got to sit down and catch up with the lovely Sara Lagerquist. Sara has recently returned to work after a significant amount of time away while battling against breast cancer. She’s doing amazing and back blogging again, but I was curious to know how she has approached getting back up to speed in such a fast-paced area of technology in the Power Platform. She’s one of my favourite people, so let’s get started!  You can find Sara in the following places:Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: If you 💗 the podcast, please give it a positive rating and review
23:58 14/12/21
Episode 5 - Nick Doelman
In Episode 5 of 365 Community Chats, I sat down and talked with former MVP, and now full-time Microsoft employee, Nick Doelman. Nick is a person I have admired for years and definitely someone whose blog posts on Power Apps Portals are always bookmarked as my favourites. I asked Nick about his transition from community contributor to now part of the Portals documentation team and where he sees his own challenges and opportunities in his new role. You can find Nick in the following places:Twitter: LinkedIn: Podcast: Website: If you 💗 the podcast, please give it a positive rating and review
34:26 09/12/21
Episode 4 - Scott Durow
In Episode 4 of 365 Community Chats, I chatted with my buddy Scott Durow. Scott moved from the UK to Vancouver Canada and is embracing the new pace of life and unique approach to finding his Christmas tree this year. Scott is an 8 time Microsoft Business Applications MVP and the author of one of my favourite tools in XrmToolBox, the Ribbon Workbench. Let’s see what Scott is up to!You can find Scott in the following places:Twitter: LinkedIn:  Website: If you 💗 the podcast, please give it a positive rating and review
35:35 06/12/21
Episode 3 - Mark Smith
In Episode 3 of 365 Community Chats, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Smith, aka nz365guy. Mark is a Microsoft Power Platform Evangelist for IBM covering New Zealand and Australia. He’s also the creator of the hugely successful 90 Day Mentoring Challenge, offering guidance, mentorship, and a chance for people to further their careers to hundreds of people in the Dynamics and Power Platform community, myself included. Let’s find out how Mark is doing these days!You can find Mark in the following places:Twitter: https://nz365guy.comIf you 💗 the podcast, please give it a positive rating and review
31:50 30/11/21
Episode 2 - Amey Holden
In Episode 2 of 365 Community Chats, I am having a sit down with the wonderful Amey Holden. Amey is a self-proclaimed ABC enthusiast, standing for Anything But Code. However, after our conversation, I think I disagree! Amey is dipping her toe in code more and more these days and is writing fantastic blog posts using Power Automate and how it can be used to get more out of Dynamics 365 Marketing. Let’s chat with Amey!You can find Amey in the following places:Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: If you 💗 the podcast, please give it a positive rating and review
22:41 23/11/21
Episode 1 - Lisa Crosbie
It’s my first episode, so I thought it only fitting I ask my good friend Lisa Crosbie for a chat. She and I started The UP Podcast in 2020 during a pandemic, and it was a great way to share what was new in the Power Platform. Lisa is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, and a Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Evangelist for a partner in Melbourne Australia. I want to know what she’s been up to, and what she genuinely is most passionate and excited about in her work each day. You can find Lisa in the following places:Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube: Website: If you 💗 the podcast, please give it a positive rating and review
23:56 18/11/21