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Fed up with tech hype and buzzwords? Looking for a tech podcast where you can learn and be inspired by real-world examples of how technology is transforming businesses and reshaping industries? Keep informed of the latest business and tech trends by listening to stories of other people in your field and how they are overcoming challenges with emerging technologies. Learn from the guest's actionable tips, and lessons learned to obtain greater clarity and how you can leverage technology. In this daily tech podcast, Neil interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, thought leaders, and celebrities. We discuss how tech trends such as AI, machine learning, 5G, IoT, AR, VR blockchain, crypto, and the digital transformation are already reshaping our world. Guests from every industry educate listeners through sharing their road to success, startup stories, and how technology transformed their business and life. Join me for a daily dose of optimism and motivation as I prove that technology really does work best when it brings people together.


1754: Blue Prism - How RPA is Transforming the Workforce of the Future 34:49 18/10/21
1753: How Payhawk is Building the Financial System of Tomorrow 27:58 17/10/21
1752: Level Up Your Remote Teams With Virtual Reality Training 27:10 16/10/21
1751: LogRhythm - Why It’s Time for the CSO to Report Directly to the CEO 22:32 15/10/21
1750: AvidPlay and the Tech Making Music Distribution Seamless 38:28 14/10/21
1749: Exploring The Great Resignation With Explorance 27:35 13/10/21
1748: Empathy and The Tech Helping Families Navigate Loss 21:30 12/10/21
1747: How to Prevent Email Tracking With Ghostery 30:11 11/10/21
1746: How Etherisc Is Democratizing & Decentralizing Insurance 36:53 10/10/21
1745: Re-Experience Life's Best Memories With Free AI Cloud Storage 21:25 09/10/21
1744: Cybersecurity Month: The Citrix Security Stack and Ecosystem 45:50 08/10/21
1743: Carbon Sequestration to Creating an Intergalactic Internet 34:12 07/10/21
1742: Happy Mining With RAKwireless on The Peoples Network (HNT) 29:50 06/10/21
1741: Sezzle - The Tech Behind The Buy Now, Pay Later Solution 19:26 05/10/21
1740: accessiBe - The Tech Making the Internet  More Accessible  19:42 04/10/21
1739: Forbes Asia 30 under 30 Crypto CEO on Staking, DeFi and Blockchain Interoperability 32:52 03/10/21
1738: Joe Baguley, VP and CTO, EMEA at VMware 22:34 02/10/21
1737: Cybersecurity Awareness Month With Robust Network Solutions 34:21 01/10/21
1736: CEO of $400M+ Funded Startup on Culture-first Hypergrowth 18:57 30/09/21
1735: Expert AI - The Case for a Hybrid Approach to AI in NLP 35:06 30/09/21
1734: Infragistics and the Tech Accelerating Application Design 35:28 29/09/21
1733: AdTech - The Tech Transforming Digital Ad Verification 40:19 28/09/21
1732: The Role of Tech in Fleet Tracking and Telematics Solutions 33:04 27/09/21
1731: How Tech Can Foster Great Inclusivity in the Workplace 26:43 26/09/21
1730: Unlock Your Digital Potential Through Experimentation and Personalisation 24:33 25/09/21
1729: Octopus Energy Founder & CEO Greg Jackson 21:25 24/09/21
1728: How Spark Commodities is Empowering Trade With Technology 20:47 23/09/21
1727: The Serial Entrepreneur Merging his Love for the Ocean and Tech 20:51 22/09/21
1726: The Student Tech Startup Story Behind StuDocu 20:17 21/09/21
1725: Cult Wines - How Tech is Transforming the Wine Industry 38:53 21/09/21