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Rhyme and Reason Podcast – Tony Funderburk

In each episode of the Rhyme and Reason Podcast, Tony shares how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 25 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.


Against the law. Did you see what I saw? 07:44 03/10/21
Gotta serve somebody. Oh the nerve of somebody 04:47 02/10/21
Famous last words of foolish jaybirds 09:16 01/10/21
Your understanding doesn’t make a good landing 05:39 30/09/21
Lost love, the chairman, and something in the air, man 06:04 29/09/21
Fluff the pillow, feel the wind blow, sleeping willow 05:26 06/07/21
Lariat Loop where the eagles swoop 11:27 05/07/21
Word power in your brain helps you on the right train 🎶 09:50 27/06/21
Masterplan, yes. The kind we don’t have to guess. 11:33 26/06/21
My cup runs over through thorns and through clover 10:12 19/06/21
Legal protections lead in the wrong directions 06:52 13/06/21
Ignorance is bliss unless it’s anything like this 08:13 08/06/21
Time flies by so fast in this world where we’re cast 10:41 07/06/21
Faster than light to where day becomes night 08:12 06/06/21
Bedbugs bite, but not in the starlight 08:06 03/06/21
Think back and talk some smack 05:14 02/06/21
June bugs, watermelon – It’s nostalgia I’m tellin’ 08:37 01/06/21
Addition and subtraction make sense with liquefaction 07:24 31/05/21
Uncomfortable conversation with a quickly fading nation 04:28 29/05/21
Accidentally on purpose where bad science can’t usurp us 08:49 27/05/21
Make a wish to abolish and demolish 10:58 26/05/21
Bad is bad when it’s this sad fad 06:43 25/05/21
There you go again, not putting the if with then. 10:33 24/05/21
Ancient age appears when clocks miscount the years 12:50 22/05/21
The end of humanity and the definition of insanity 05:33 21/05/21
Murder mayhem and madness beat up on tidings of gladness 08:55 20/05/21
What can cause stress and make life a mess? 06:55 19/05/21
Music and mercy there’s no controversy 05:33 17/05/21
Express your beliefs like the super-rich chiefs 07:13 15/05/21
Hindsight is 20 20 for some but not for plenty 07:45 14/05/21