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ITNS Radio, the show “By Musicians For Musicians” has been bringing you the best singers, songwriters, artists and bands of all genres from all over the world since 2010 including great music and interviews by all types of professionals in the music field and a whole lot more! Submit your music for FREE AIRPLAY by sending an email to and we’ll put YOU “In The Neon Spotlight”!DISCLAIMER: Receiving airplay on ITNS Radio is always free. We will never charge you to have your music featured on our programming. However, the company running our station does offer music promotions and other services at and are happy to assist you in any way they can!#itnsradio,#itunes,#Spotify,#iHeartRadio,#GooglePodcasts,#Castbox,#Deezer,#PodcastAddict,#Podchaser, #JioSaavn,#youtube, #Facebook, #twitter, #instagram,#samwtkinscountry, #radiopublic, #music, #radio, #singersongwriter, #concerts, #spreaker, #promotion, #booking, #talent, #bands


Michael Tiffany Is Back And He Brought Some Goodies 19:31 29/06/22
Kriss The Sky Joins Us 21:25 26/06/22
The Pressure Is On 14:13 03/06/22
An Update With RC Cowboy 05:14 03/06/22
Shiela And The Caddo Cats Join Us 43:53 02/06/22
The Awesome And Multitalented Thelma Cunningham Joins Us 26:12 16/05/22
The Doctor Is In, Dr. Alvin McKinney Joins Us 19:52 15/04/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part Four R-Z 244:01 11/01/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part One D 292:18 11/01/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part 4 R-Z Continued 92:23 11/01/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part One D Second Segment 63:46 11/01/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part Two E-K 238:59 11/01/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part Two E-K Continued 139:47 11/01/22
ITNS Radio VIP Section Part Three L-Q 254:11 11/01/22
Meditative Animal on ITNS Radio 39:19 06/11/21
Crimen Injuria joins us on ITNS Radio 36:48 21/10/21
Bazerk on ITNS Radio 35:34 13/10/21
Swagging and Surfing with Vish K. 38:06 27/09/21
Jeffrey Hutcherson Talks About The Mississippi Songwriter's Festival 18:34 10/09/21
A Heart to Heart with the Autistic Warrior 48:49 09/09/21
Bathe in Opulence with this interview featuring the Luxurious Outlaw! 48:29 06/08/21
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 29:09 03/07/21
Quarandreaming With Legrand On ITNS Radio 20:20 01/07/21
JD Carroll Ladies And Gentlemen 51:37 29/06/21
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 37:27 26/06/21
David Vaters Is Back With Another Hit 18:30 25/06/21
Roger Connelly's Got A Brand New Bag 23:33 21/06/21
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 59:11 19/06/21
Avva Joins Us 13:05 16/06/21
Sean Graham and Jim Birmingham Join Us 35:16 16/06/21