Comparing Saviors and Friends cover
Comparing Saviors and Friends

Comparing Saviors and Friends



As far as I know, there's a whiskey priest with a shrunken head and

When lightning strikes in a foreign land he jumps up from the sea with an ax in hand

Shifting 'cross the sand

He breathes wind to your promised land and it speaks

"You live and eat here in my palm"

Compare your savior to your closest friend

You spend your life grasping at wet soap

When it comes to time

When all that's left is fucked

I'll take those fears

I'll take those years

I'll take your children from their cribs

And cast the stone that breaks your ribs

For I am both your god and friend

Now leave your water, wine, and bread

And you'll say thank you for all of this

Compare your savior to your closest friend

For every mood