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Shaped by Fire

As I Lay Dying


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Canciones del álbum

Burn to Emerge As I Lay Dying 00:52
Blinded As I Lay Dying 03:22
Shaped by Fire As I Lay Dying 03:38
Undertow As I Lay Dying 03:57
Torn Between As I Lay Dying 04:01
Gatekeeper As I Lay Dying 03:24
The Wreckage As I Lay Dying 04:42
My Own Grave As I Lay Dying 04:13
Take What's Left As I Lay Dying 04:13
Redefined As I Lay Dying 04:15
Only After We've Fallen As I Lay Dying 03:28
The Toll It Takes As I Lay Dying 03:56

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