Album picture of Nevermind (Super Deluxe Edition)

Nevermind (Super Deluxe Edition)



Canciones del álbum

Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 05:02
In Bloom Nirvana 04:15
Come As You Are Nirvana 03:39
Breed Nirvana 03:04
Lithium Nirvana 04:17
Polly Nirvana 02:53
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 02:23
Drain You Nirvana 03:43
Lounge Act Nirvana 02:36
Stay Away Nirvana 03:31
On A Plain Nirvana 03:14
Something In The Way Nirvana 03:52
Endless, Nameless Nirvana 06:43
Even In His Youth (B-Side) Nirvana 03:02
Aneurysm Nirvana 04:45
Curmudgeon Nirvana 02:57
D-7 (Live At The BBC) Nirvana 03:44
Been A Son (Live At Paramount Theatre B-Side) Nirvana 02:30
School (Live At Paramount Theatre/1991) Nirvana 02:34
Drain You (Live At Paramount Theatre B-Side) Nirvana 03:52

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