Album picture of Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pts. I & II (Deluxe Edition)

Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pts. I & II (Deluxe Edition)



Canciones del álbum

Initiation Helloween 01:21
I'm Alive Helloween 03:22
A Little Time Helloween 04:00
Twilight of the Gods Helloween 04:30
A Tale That Wasn't Right Helloween 04:43
Future World Helloween 04:02
Halloween Helloween 13:18
Follow the Sign Helloween 01:47
Victim of Fate (Re-recorded Version) Helloween 06:59
Starlight (Remix) Helloween 04:14
A Little Time (Alternative Version) Helloween 03:31
Halloween (Edit) Helloween 05:02
Savage Helloween 03:22
Livin' Ain't No Crime Helloween 04:40
Invitation Helloween 01:07
Eagle Fly Free Helloween 05:08
You Always Walk Alone Helloween 05:10
Rise and Fall Helloween 04:22
Dr. Stein Helloween 05:03
We Got the Right Helloween 05:08

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