Album picture of Keep the Village Alive (Deluxe)

Keep the Village Alive (Deluxe)



Canciones del álbum

C'est La Vie


Stereophonics 03:40
White Lies Stereophonics 03:56
Sing Little Sister Stereophonics 03:25
I Wanna Get Lost With You Stereophonics 03:49
Song For The Summer Stereophonics 02:55
Fight Or Flight Stereophonics 03:41
My Hero Stereophonics 03:47
Sunny Stereophonics 04:19
Into The World Stereophonics 04:03
Mr And Mrs Smith Stereophonics 06:49
Ancient Rome (Bonus Track)


Stereophonics 04:44
Let Me In (Bonus Track) Stereophonics 04:07
Blame (You Never Give Me Your Money) [Bonus Track] Stereophonics 04:36
You Are My Energy (Bonus Track) Stereophonics 04:00
You're My Star (Acoustic) (Bonus Track) Stereophonics 05:23
I Wanna Get Lost With You (Acoustic) Stereophonics 04:16

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