Album picture of Seattle 1989 (live)

Seattle 1989 (live)



Canciones del álbum

The Ecstasy Of Gold / Blackened (live) Metallica 08:13
For Whom The Bell Tolls (live) Metallica 05:11
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live) Metallica 06:55
Harvester Of Sorrow (live) Metallica 06:30
The Four Horsemen (live) Metallica 05:37
The Thing That Should Not Be (live) Metallica 06:55
Bass Solo (live) Metallica 05:37
To Live Is To Die (live) Metallica 02:09
Master Of Puppets (live) Metallica 08:40
Fade To Black (live) Metallica 08:28
Seek & Destroy (live) Metallica 08:00
...And Justice For All (live) Metallica 11:16
One (live) Metallica 08:13
Creeping Death (live) Metallica 07:21
Guitar Solo (live) Metallica 06:55
Battery (live) Metallica 04:46
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity (live) Metallica 03:01
Last Caress (live) Metallica 03:01
Am I Evil? (live) Metallica 02:35
Whiplash (live) Metallica 04:19

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