Album picture of Destroyer (45th Anniversary Super Deluxe)

Destroyer (45th Anniversary Super Deluxe)



Canciones del álbum

Detroit Rock City (2021 Remaster) KISS 05:15
King Of The Night Time World (2021 Remaster) KISS 03:20
God Of Thunder (2021 Remaster) KISS 04:16
Great Expectations (2021 Remaster) KISS 04:24
Flaming Youth (2021 Remaster) KISS 03:00
Sweet Pain (2021 Remaster) KISS 03:20
Shout It Out Loud (2021 Remaster) KISS 02:50
Beth (2021 Remaster) KISS 02:48
Do You Love Me (2021 Remaster) KISS 03:39
Rock 'N' Roll Party (2021 Remaster) KISS 01:24
Doncha Hesitate (Paul Stanley Demo) KISS 02:41
God Of Thunder (Paul Stanley Demo) KISS 02:56
It’s The Fire (Paul Stanley Demo) KISS 03:42
Detroit Rock City (Paul Stanley Demo) KISS 02:20
Love Is Alright (Paul Stanley Demo) KISS 03:22
Bad, Bad Lovin' (Gene Simmons Demo) KISS 03:36
Man Of A Thousand Faces (Gene Simmons Demo) KISS 03:43
I Don't Want No Romance (Gene Simmons Demo) KISS 02:43
Burnin' Up With Fever (Gene Simmons Demo) KISS 03:59
Rock N' Rolls Royce (Gene Simmons Demo) KISS 03:02

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